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Shrinking infrastructure costs with ScyllaDB

Comcast Xfinity improved user experience and shrank their cluster from 962 nodes with Cassandra to 78 nodes on ScyllaDB, reducing administrative overhead over 90%.

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Migrating trillions of messages to ScyllaDB

Learn why and how Discord’s persistence team completed their most ambitious migration yet: moving their massive set of trillions of messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB.

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Eliminating volatile latencies with ScyllaDB

Rakuten’s billion-item catalog 6x better performance while shrinking their cluster 70% moving from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. They also eliminated unpredictable latencies.

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Reducing cluster size with ScyllaDB

Fanatics replaced 55 nodes of Cassandra with just 6 nodes of ScyllaDB. Discover why the brand that powers all NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL shops switched to ScyllaDB.

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Reducing P99 latency with ScyllaDB

Expedia, the travel booking giant, reduced P99 response times from >80ms to <5ms after migrating to ScyllaDB NoSQL. They also got 3x the throughput while saving 35%.

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Industrial strength IoT with ScyllaDB

GE Predix reduced administrative burden in their IIoT infrastructure to meet their SLAs, and shrank their Cassandra cluster of 75 nodes to just 15 nodes of ScyllaDB.

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