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Epic Games

Caching gaming binary assets

Epic Games uses ScyllaDB as a binary cache in front of NVMe and S3 to accelerate power global distribution of large game assets used by Unreal Cloud DDC. They moved from DynamoDB for  cloud-agnostic, lower latency, and lower cost.

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From cloud to on-premises

GE Healthcare needed to take their AWS-based AI platform on-premises to run within hospitals’ networks. By moving from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB, they accomplished this without having to change their application.

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Zee Logo

Entertainment for billions of viewers

Zee, a leading media and entertainment company that serves nearly 1.3 billion viewers over 190 countries, moved from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB so they can handle increased volume of database traffic faster, and at significantly lower costs.

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Switching cloud providers

Digital Turbine, a mobile app provider, recently entered into a strategic partnership with Google for their Android ecosystem. ScyllaDB is enabling them to move their DynamoDB workloads as part of this ambitious cloud migration.

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