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mongodb vs scylladb technical comparison

Technical Comparison

benchANT’s Dr. Daniel Seybold compares ScyllaDB vs MongoDB with respect to features, architectures, performance, and scalability.

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10x throughput with 17x lower latency

Tractian needed to upgrade their real-time machine learning environment to support an aggressive increase in data throughput. Benchmarking at 160,000 OPS, they found that ScyllaDB could support a 10X increase in throughput with 17X lower latency than MongoDB – with similar infrastructure costs.

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From seconds to milliseconds

Augury originally built their predictive services on top of MongoDB, but as the company grew, the dataset reached the limits of MongoDB. They migrated their analytics use cases to ScyllaDB, and also discovered that ScyllaDB could support an OLTP “machine trends dashboard” use case with millisecond response times.

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5x less infrastructure

For Numberly’s real-time ID matching use case, MongoDB’s primary/secondary architecture could not sustain the required write throughput and meet latency SLAs. By replacing a 15-node MongoDB cluster with a 3-node ScyllaDB one, they meet SLAs with less hassle & cost

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Scaling beyond a trillion messages

In 2015, Discord messages handled 100M messages, all stored on a single MongoDB replica set. As they expanded to billions of messages, they tried using Cassandra, but they ultimately moved to ScyllaDB as they reached the trillion message threshold.

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