ScyllaDB Drivers

ScyllaDB’s shard-aware drivers provide superior NoSQL database performance. ScyllaDB is also fully compatible with other Apache Cassandra CQL drivers and Amazon DynamoDB SDKs.

How Shard-Aware Drivers Work

ScyllaDB shard-aware drivers provide superior performance by connecting clients directly to the exact CPU on the specific node responsible for the data. Our drivers ensure your queries are distributed as evenly and efficiently as possible across the cluster for lowest p99 latencies and highest overall throughput. We’ve also customized our drivers to provide optimal performance for Change Data Capture streams.

ScyllaDB Shard-Aware Drivers for CQL

ScyllaDB Java Driver
ScyllaDB Go Driver
ScyllaDB Go Driver Extension
ScyllaDB Python Driver
ScyllaDB Rust Driver
ScyllaDB C/C++ Driver

More on Our Shard-Aware Drivers

Learn more about what goes into making a shard-aware driver here:

Discover the performance advantages shard-aware drivers can provide here:

Other Drivers and SDKs

ScyllaDB is fully compatible with all Apache Cassandra CQL and Amazon DynamoDB APIs so you can use ScyllaDB as a frictionless replacement. ScyllaDB’s superior design will still provide improved performance over other NoSQL databases using these existing drivers/APIs; connections will just not be as fast or as smoothly distributed as they can be.

ScyllaDB Alternator Load Balancer for DynamoDB

Amazon’s DynamoDB database is normally connected to via a single endpoint IP address. ScyllaDB’s Alternator, which serves as a drop-in replacement for DynamoDB, can use the ScyllaDB Load Balancer to distribute requests smoothly across the entire cluster, rather than directing all queries to a single IP address connected to one node.

The Alternator Load Balancer integrates directly into the application’s SDK, eliminating the extra step of a front-end load balancer. It is currently available for Go, Java, Javascript (Node.js), Python and C++.

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