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The World’s Fastest NoSQL Database

Accelerate application performance with the fastest NoSQL database, capable of millions of IOPS per node at less than 1 millisecond latency

Scylla is a drop-in Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB alternative with ultra-low latency and extreme throughput.

We built upon the best high availability database features from Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB to create a dramatically higher-performing, more fault tolerant and resource effective NoSQL database to power demanding, modern applications.

What Can You Do with the Fastest NoSQL Database?

Scylla unleashes your existing infrastructure's performance so you can...

Handle 10x traffic spikes on Black Friday

Eliminate cache deployments in front of databases

Get the most out of your data and run more queries

Flexibly model your data either as a column store or key-value (K/V)

Shrink your NoSQL clusters by a factor of 10

Win more bids with consistently low latency

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How Fast is a 3-node Cluster of Scylla?

Test Scylla Performance in Minutes.

What’s Under the Hood?

We rewrote Apache Cassandra from scratch in C++ to create a fundamentally superior high availability database. Scylla unleashes your infrastructure’s true potential for running high-throughput/low-latency workloads.


  • Multi-queue
  • Poll mode
  • User space
  • TCP/IP


  • Thread-per-core
  • Lock-free
  • Task scheduler
  • Reactor programming
  • C++17


  • NUMA friendly
  • Log structured allocator
  • Zero copy


  • DMA
  • Log structured
    merge tree
  • DBaware cache
  • Userspace I/O
  • Scheduler

Scylla Use Cases

Scylla supports a wide variety of demanding key-value and wide column database use cases at massive scale.

Activity tracking and monitoring applications

Heavy read/write applications

Time-series applications

Real-time analytics

Product catalog and playlist management

Social application backend

Recommendation and personalization engine

Internet-of-things sensor data

Microservice-based pipeline backend

Highly-available storage embedded backend

Fraud detection and prevention

Messaging backend

Let’s do this

Getting started takes only a few minutes. Scylla has an installer for every major platform. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.