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Webinar: How Application-Level Priority Management Keeps Latency Low And Throughput High

October 26, 2021 | Live Online | Linux Fouindation

Throughput and latency are at a constant tension. Optimizing for throughput requires running machines at high utilization, which increases queuing delays and hurts latency. In this talk, ScyllaDB co-founder and CTO Avi Kivity will show how high throughput and low latency can both be achieved in a single application by using application-level priority scheduling.

Webinar: Critical Attributes for a High-Performance, Low-Latency Database

October 28, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Join this webinar to learn about the critical elements for a high-performance, low-latency NoSQL database. ScyllaDB’s engineers will discuss how they addressed core database performance challenges, including the pros and cons of each, and provide a detailed explanation of the architectural principles they applied to achieve their performance objectives.

Scylla University LIVE – Americas

November 9, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Instructor-led NoSQL database training sessions
Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training with exclusive new Scylla database content.
AMERICAS — Tuesday, Nov 9th - 9AM-1PM PT | 12PM-4PM ET | 1PM-5PM BRT

Scylla University LIVE – EMEA & APAC

November 10, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Instructor-led NoSQL database training sessions
Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training with exclusive new Scylla database content.
EMEA and APAC - Wednesday, Nov 10th - 8:00-12:00 UTC | 9AM-1PM CET | 1:30PM-5:30PM IST

Scylla Virtual Workshop

November 18, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Join us for an overview of NoSQL best practices and get a look into the scale-out vs scale up models and the Scylla philosophy for accelerated success. In this session, we will show you how large enterprises get their fast wins when using Scylla. We will cover architectural concepts, installation best practices, data model anti-patterns, use case examples, scale-out vs. scale up approaches and management and monitoring tools.

Past Events


October 6, 2021 - October 7, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

P99 CONF is a new, cross-industry virtual event for _engineers_ and by engineers. The event is centered around low-latency, high-performance design — ranging from OS (kernel, eBPF, IO_uring), CPUs (Arm, Intel, OpenRisc), middleware and languages (go, Rust, JVM, DPDK), databases and observability methods.

Webinar: Comparing Apache Cassandra 4.0, 3.0, and ScyllaDB

September 23, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

How does Cassandra 4.0’s performance compare to Cassandra 3.x’s? What’s been fixed in 4.0 and what remains unchanged? Should you upgrade or consider other options? Join us for a webinar where we’ll answer these questions and more, based on our extensive benchmarks comparing Cassandra 4.0 against Cassandra 3.11.

Kafka Summit Americas

September 14, 2021 - September 15, 2021 | Live Online | C

We are Gold Sponsors at Kafka Summit Americas. Stop by our virtual booth to chat, play our fun game, and get a chance to win some swag!

Webinar: Real-World Resiliency: Surviving Datacenter Disaster

August 31, 2021 | Live Online | TechCrunch

Why did one company survive while millions of other sites caught in the same datacenter fire went dark? Learn why ScyllaDB customer Kiwi.com, the popular European travel site, continued operations uninterrupted and met their tight SLAs without fail.

Webinar: Wide Column Store NoSQL vs SQL Data Modeling

August 19, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

NoSQL schemas are designed with very different goals in mind than SQL schemas. Where SQL normalizes data, NoSQL denormalizes. Where SQL joins ad-hoc, NoSQL pre-joins. And where SQL tries to push performance to the runtime, NoSQL bakes performance into the schema. Join us for an exploration of the core concepts of NoSQL schema design, using Scylla as an example to demonstrate the tradeoffs and rationale.

Scylla University LIVE – Americas

July 29, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Instructor-led NoSQL database training sessions
Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training with exclusive new Scylla database content.
AMERICAS - Thursday, July 29th - 9AM-1PM PT | 12PM-4PM ET | 1PM-5PM BRT

Scylla University LIVE – EMEA & APAC

July 28, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Instructor-led NoSQL database training sessions
Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training with exclusive new Scylla database content.
EMEA and APAC - Wednesday, July 28th - 12PM-4PM GMT | 2PM-6PM CEST | 5:30PM-9:30PM IST

Webinar: Under the Hood of a Shard-per-Core Database Architecture

July 20, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Most databases are based on outdated architectures, resulting in performance issues, over-provisioning and a high TCO. Our upcoming webinar covers the advances to modern server technology and takes you on a deep dive into Scylla’s shard-per-core architecture and our asynchronous engine, the Seastar framework.

Webinar: Building Event Streaming Architectures on Scylla and Kafka

June 17, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Event streaming architectures require high-throughput, low-latency components to consistently and smoothly transfer data between heterogenous transactional and analytical systems. Join us and Confluent's Tim Berglund to learn how the Scylla and Confluent Kafka interoperate as a foundation upon which you can build enterprise-grade, event-driven applications, plus a use case from Numberly.

Webinar: Disney+ Hotstar: Scaling NoSQL for Millions of Video On-Demand Users

May 13, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Join Disney+ Hotstar to learn how they architected their systems to handle massive data loads and migrated their data to Scylla Cloud, ScyllaDB’s fully managed NoSQL database-as-a-service, without suffering downtime.

Percona Live Online

May 12, 2021 - May 13, 2021 | Live Online | Percona

ScyllaDB is presenting 3 talks at Percona Live Online

Kafka Summit Europe

May 11, 2021 - May 12, 2021 | Live Online | Confluent

We are Silver Sponsors at Kafka Summit Europe. Stop by our virtual booth to chat, play our fun game, and get a chance to win some swag!

Webinar: NoSQL and NewSQL: Tradeoffs Between Scalable Performance & Consistency

April 29, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Learn how NoSQL and NewSQL databases compare, including significant architectural differences, tradeoffs between availability, scalable performance and consistency, data models, plus we’ll share a NoSQL versus NewSQL performance benchmark.

Scylla University LIVE

April 22, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Instructor-led NoSQL database training sessions
Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training with exclusive new Scylla database content.

Webinar: Fast NoSQL from HDDs? How Russia’s Top Email Provider Gets High Database Performance at Low Cost

February 25, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

What if you could store huge amounts of data using traditional low-cost HDDs while still maintaining low single-digit millisecond latencies? Join Kirill Alekseev, software engineering team lead at Mail.Ru, for an overview of the extremely efficient approach his team took when implementing a high-load service for storing user actions.

Webinar: Testing ScyllaDB with Jepsen

January 28, 2021 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Jepsen is a tool for testing databases, combining fault injection, generative testing, and sophisticated safety checkers to find concurrency bugs and availability issues. Jepsen worked with the ScyllaDB team to identify multiple safety issues in Scylla’s lightweight transactions (LWT) layer, including split-brain behavior and write loss in healthy clusters.

Tune in to hear Kyle Kingsbury on Jepsen’s distributed database testing techniques, Scylla’s concurrency properties, and how to use Scylla safely. He’ll also cover the specific issues they found, and how the ScyllaDB team has addressed them.

Scylla Summit 2021

January 12, 2021 - January 14, 2021 | Virtual | ScyllaDB

You’re Invited to Scylla Summit Jan 12-14 2021!

Scylla Summit is going virtual and free - three half-days of sharing ideas, hearing innovative use cases and getting practical advice from your peers. It’s your best opportunity to connect with NoSQL gurus from Scylla, our users and our partners.

Webinar: Database Jiu Jitsu: How ScyllaDB Open Sourced a DynamoDB-compatible API

December 17, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB puts an end to vendor lockin. It lets you run on any cloud platform and deploy anywhere. You can run Scylla as a fully managed service (even on-prem) or open source.

Join Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group, and ScyllaDB founder and CEO Dor Laor for an informative session on new options available to DynamoDB users.

From attending this session you’ll learn:

  • What people ask for vs. what they really want from their databases
  • The challenges companies experience with DynamoDB
  • How ScyllaDB frees DynamoDB users from vendor lockin
  • AWS’s offerings and how ScyllaDB fits into this progression
  • A comparison of performance and TCO

Community Summit TLV 2020

December 17, 2020 | Live Online | Developer Community TLV

We're sponsoring and ScyllaDB's Avishai Ish-Shalom is giving a keynote, The World has Changed - Have Our Designs?

Webinar: The True Cost of NoSQL DBaaS

November 19, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Many NoSQL DBaaS vendors limit what cloud platform you can run on, the size of the data you can run and require you to over-provision cloud infrastructure resources while failing to deliver performance and low latency at scale.

In this session, we will compare the performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of competing NoSQL DBaaS offerings. We will also review how to migrate to Scylla Cloud, our fully managed database service.

Webinar: Resilient Design Using Queue Theory

October 22, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Queueing Theory is perhaps one of the most important mathematical theories in systems design and analysis, yet only few engineers master it. This webinar introduces the basics of queueing theory and explores the ramifications of queue behaviors and variance on system performance and resiliency. The session will also cover example use cases across modern application development, from NGINX and Jetty to Scylla’s own use of queuing theory.

Recommended for application developers and architects designing large-scale highly reliable systems.

Scylla Virtual Workshop: How to Test and Benchmark Database Clusters

September 25, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

In this workshop, we will discuss the different data points you need to collect in order to get the most realistic testing environment.

We will cover:

  • Data model impact on performance and latency
  • Client behavior related to database capabilities
  • Failover and high availability testing
  • Hardware selection and cluster configuration impact

We will show 2 benchmarking tools you can use to test and benchmark your clusters to identify the optimal deployment scenario for your use case.

On-Demand Webinar – RDBMS to NoSQL: Practical Advice from Successful Migrations

September 17, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

When and how to migrate data from SQL to NoSQL are matters of much debate. It can certainly be a daunting task, but when your SQL systems hit architectural limits or your Aurora expenses skyrocket, it’s probably time to consider the move.

Join us to learn how best to migrate data from SQL to NoSQL, and how to get heterogenous data systems to communicate with each other effectively in real time and get important architectural considerations, tips and tricks and several real-world use cases.

Carnegie Mellon Database Group Quarantine DB Talk 2020

August 24, 2020 | Live Online | Carnegie Mellon Database Group

ScyllaDB CTO Avi Kivity will present ScyllaDB - No-Compromise Performance.

ScyllaDB is a distributed NoSQL database that provides high availability, multiple consistency models, and high performance. This talk will cover how ScyllaDB approaches performance: thread-per-core, fully asynchronous operation, and kernel bypass.

Event Date: Monday August 24, 2020
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Location: https://cmu.zoom.us/j/562649242?pwd=djhicnFKWHdJM1o0MlFvYzg3SzB5Zz09

On-Demand Webinar: Keeping your application’s latency SLAs no matter what

August 13, 2020 | Online | ScyllaDB

In this session, we will cover:

  • The systemic causes of latency spikes
  • How to keep latencies bounded and predictable
  • How to manage latency-inducing events
  • How Scylla helps optimize for 99% latency of <1msec

Virtual Meetup: Live AMA with ScyllaDB CTO Avi Kivity

August 5, 2020 | Live Online | Meetup

Avi will start by covering recent and upcoming commits in ScyllaDB, then it's your turn to ask hard questions and get answers on topics such as compaction, query optimization, monitoring and more from Avi and members of the ScyllaDB engineering staff.

When: August 5, 2020
Time: 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 8pm IDT

On-Demand Webinar: Running a DynamoDB-compatible Database on Managed Kubernetes Services

July 16, 2020 | Online | ScyllaDB

With the release of Alternator, Scylla’s DynamoDB-compatible API, you can now take your locked-in DynamoDB workloads and run them anywhere. In this session, we will cover:

  • Scylla Alternator: Scylla’s Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API
  • Scylla Operator: Running Scylla Alternator on Kubernetes
  • Demo Alternator - Demo and explain DynamoDB on GKE

Virtual Meetup: Live AMA with ScyllaDB CTO Avi Kivity

June 24, 2020 | Live Online | Scylla NoSQL Database Group

Virtual Meetup: Join Avi for a live AMA. Ask hard questions and Avi will answer on topics such as compaction, query optimization, monitoring and more. Submit questions in advance or during the session.

On-Demand Webinar: Getting started with Scylla NoSQL on Kubernetes

June 18, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Kubernetes has quickly become the ad-hoc standard for managing software deployments. The Scylla team recently released the beta version of the Scylla Operator for Kubernetes. Join us to learn how Kubernetes can be used to automate the deployment, scaling, and various operations of Scylla NoSQL.

Webinar: Scylla Open Source 4.0: New Features and Comparisons with Cassandra 4.0

May 21, 2020 | On-Demand | ScyllaDB

Join ScyllaDB co-founders, CTO Avi Kivity and CEO Dor Laor, for a look at the new features in Scylla Open Source 4.0, and architectural and cost comparisons with the coming Cassandra 4.0.

Topics will include:

  • Improved consistency with our new Lightweight Transactions
  • Scylla Operator for Kubernetes
  • How we stack up against Apache Cassandra 4.0
  • Our “run anywhere” DynamoDB alternative

Webinar: Addressing the High Cost of Apache Cassandra

April 16, 2020 | Online | ScyllaDB

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the myths about Cassandra ownership costs and the pitfalls that come with it. We’ll show that using modern design techniques, simplified tuning and a scalable datastore can help you control your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Webinar: Tracking Data Updates in Real Time with Change Data Capture (CDC)

March 26, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

CDC is one of the important new features coming to the Scylla NoSQL database. It enables the user to track updates to a table(s) in real time, supporting a variety of use cases, such as:

  • Real-time update of microservices based on Scylla updates
  • Replicating the data, or part of it, between loosely coupled Scylla clusters
  • Soft real-time analytics updates based on the stream of Scylla updates

Join us to learn:

  • An overview of Scylla's new CDC feature and how it helps you
  • How to enable and use Scylla CDC
  • How Scylla’s CDC implementation differs from Apache Cassandra
  • Under the hood: How CDC is implemented to provide reliable, highly available update streams
  • Scylla’s future plans for CDC

Webinar: Building a Real-time Streaming ETL Framework Using ksqlDB and NoSQL

February 20, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

In this webinar, we will show how streaming queries of high throughput NoSQL systems can derive insights from various push/pull queries via ksqlDB's User-Defined Functions, Aggregate Functions and Table Functions.

Join us to learn:

  • Real-world examples of the benefits of using a streaming database like ksqlDB and seamlessly combining data from Kafka & Cassandra/Scylla (NoSQL).
  • The functionality of ksqlDB via push/pull queries and UDFs/UDAFs/UDTFs.
  • The ease with which data stored in a NoSQL database can be transformed using ksqlDB and then persisted back for long-term storage.

Data Day Texas 2020

January 25, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Global Data Geeks

Join us at Data Day Texas 2020! One of the first NoSQL / Big Data conferences, Data Day Texas highlights the latest tools, techniques, and projects in the data space.

Webinar: Lightweight Transactions in Scylla versus Apache Cassandra

January 23, 2020 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Lightweight transactions (LWT) has been a long anticipated feature for Scylla. Join Scylla VP of Product Tzach Livyatan and Software Team Lead Konstantin Osipov for a webinar introducing the Scylla implementation of LWT, a feature that brings strong consistency to our NoSQL database.

In this webinar we will cover the tradeoffs typically made between database consistency, availability and latency; how to use lightweight transactions in Scylla; the similarities and differences between Scylla’s Paxos implementation and Cassandra’s, and what it all means to users.

AWS re:Invent 2019

December 2, 2019 - December 5, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV | AWS

We're Silver Sponsors at AWS re:Invent 2019! Stop by to discuss your latest projects and pick up some cool Scylla swag!

Scylla Summit 2019

November 4, 2019 - November 6, 2019 | Parc 55 San Francisco, a Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA | ScyllaDB

Unite with real-time big-data application developers and users from start-ups and leading enterprises from around the globe for two days of sharing ideas, hearing innovative use cases, and getting practical tips and tricks from your peers and NoSQL gurus.

Webinar: Scaling Security on 100s of Millions of Mobile Devices Using Apache Kafka® and Scylla

October 16, 2019 | Live Online | Confluent

Join mobile cybersecurity leader Lookout as they talk through their data ingestion journey.

Lookout enables enterprises to protect their data by evaluating threats and risks at post-perimeter endpoint devices and providing access to corporate data after conditional security scans. Their continuous assessment of device health creates a massive amount of telemetry data, forcing new approaches to data ingestion. Learn how Lookout changed its approach in order to grow from 1.5 million devices to 100 million devices and beyond, by implementing Confluent Platform and switching to Scylla.

Richard Ney, Senior Staff Engineer, Lookout
Eyal Gutkind, VP of Solutions, ScyllaDB
Jeff Bean, Partner Solutions Architect, Confluent

Kafka Summit San Francisco 2019

September 30, 2019 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco, CA | Confluent

We're Silver Sponsors at Kafka Summit San Francisco!

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Scylla’s Open Source Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API

September 25, 2019 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Join ScyllaDB founders Avi Kivity and Dor Laor and lead engineer Nadav Har’El for an overview of Project Alternator.

On-Demand Webinar: Reduce Your Storage Footprint with a Revolutionary New Compaction Strategy

September 4, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

What if there was a new, better, more efficient way to handle compactions in Scylla? One that allows you to use your storage much more efficiently? Enter Scylla’s unique Incremental Compaction Strategy (ICS).

Join us for a comparison of common compaction strategies and a technical deep dive into ICS. You’ll learn why ICS will become the new standard for compaction, including an overview of how much disk space you can save with ICS.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Bulletproof Your Scylla Deployment

August 28, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

We want to make sure your company isn’t in the next headline news about a data breach. So Scylla includes multiple features that collectively provide a robust security model. Most recently we announced support for encryption-at-rest in Scylla Enterprise. This enables you to lock-down your data even in multi-tenant and hybrid deployments of Scylla. Join us for an overview of security in Scylla and to see how you can approach it holistically using the array of Scylla capabilities.

VLDB 2019

August 27, 2019 - August 30, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA | VLDB

VLDB stands for "Very Large Data Bases." If you want to learn the latest advances in how to handle truly big Big Data, this is the conference for you. Scylla is a platinum sponsor of VLDB.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Shrink Your Datacenter Footprint by 50%

August 14, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

Are you running separate database clusters for operational and analytical workloads? Scylla now has the ability to handle multiple workloads from a single cluster--without performance degradation to either. Watch our webinar to learn:

  • The evolving requirements for operational (OLTP) and analytics (OLAP) workloads in the modern datacenter
  • How Scylla provides built-in control over workload priority and makes it easy for administrators to configure workload priorities
  • The TCO impact of minimizing integrations and maintenance tasks, while also shrinking the datacenter footprint and maximizing utilization

Plus we’ll share test results of how it performs in real-world settings.

On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Data Modeling

August 7, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

Watch this Tech Talk webinar to learn:

  • Scylla data model and basic CQL concepts
  • Primary and Clustering key selection
  • Collections and User-Defined Types
  • Problem finding techniques

On-Demand Webinar: How to Build a Scylla Database Cluster that Fits Your Needs

July 31, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

Summer Tech Talk Series: Learn how to remediate the contradicting forces and build a sustainable cluster to meet both performance and resiliency requirements.

On-Demand Webinar: Architecting a Corporate Compliance Platform with Graph and NoSQL Databases

July 10, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

Join Scylla and Expero to learn how to use JanusGraph and Scylla to architect a corporate compliance platform. In this talk, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a dynamic graph-enabled approach to building a flexible entitlements system
  • Design the underlying data model and data infrastructure you need to support this system
  • Architect real-time data connections to integrate this system successfully into your enterprise

On-Demand Webinar: Real-time Fraud Detection for Southeast Asia’s Leading Mobile Platform

May 22, 2019 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Watch this webinar for this fascinating real-time big data use case, and learn the steps Grab took to optimize their fraud detection systems using the Scylla NoSQL database along with Apache Kafka.

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Scylla Cloud

April 30, 2019 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Get an overview of Scylla Cloud, including a demo of how to launch and connect to a cluster, how to create and query a table, and how to run a few operations, all in minutes.

Meetup – Scylla: An Example of High Performance Server Application

April 17, 2019 | Wydział MIM Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (sala 3180) Banacha 2 · Warsaw | Warsaw C++ Users

Join C++ users to learn about Scylla, an example of a server-side application written using Seastar framework which makes it easy to scale the application vertically. During the presentation, we will talk about Seastar and how to create applications with it.

The Secrets of Open Source

March 27, 2019 | Microsoft Reactor, 7 Dubnov Tel Aviv | TLV Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners

TLV Partners and Bessemer are hosting a discussion with entrepreneurs who have built some of the most successful open source projects in the world. Founders of Elastic, Jfrog, ScyllaDB and Microsoft will cover topics such as how to build a successful business based on open source, how to galvanize a community around an open source project, and what type of DNA is best for driving an open source company.

Webinar: Spark, File Transfer, and More: Strategies for Migrating Data to and from a Cassandra or Scylla Cluster

March 27, 2019 | Live Online | ScyllaDB

Watch this webinar to learn strategies commonly used for migrating data to and from a Cassandra or Scylla cluster. We cover how to use the Scylla Migrator — a Spark tool that can efficiently move data between Cassandra and Scylla clusters, when you can just copy the existing files around and how to do it, plus other migration strategies are and when to use them.

Meetup – Presto: SQL-on-Anything

March 19, 2019 | Wydzial MIMUW (sala 4420) Banacha 2 · Warsaw | Open Source NoSQL Databases User Group

The talk will be an introduction to Presto and its ability to query virtually any data source via its connector interface. The presenters will share use cases of Presto querying various data sources, discuss the existing connectors in Presto, and describe the backing architectural concepts.

Tel Aviv Meetup: How to NoSQL with Scylla: Cassandra to Scylla Migration Story in Oracle

March 13, 2019 | Oracle Tel Aviv Menachem Begin Rd. 132 Azrieli, Round Building, 21st floor | Israel Cassandra and Scylla Users

Join us for snacks, networking and 2 talks. Aaron Stockton from Oracle Data Cloud will present 'Choosing the right NoSQL datastore: Our journey from Cassandra to Scylla', and  ScyllaDB's Nadav Har'El will present 'How to Ruin Performance by Choosing the Wrong Compaction Strategy for Cassandra and Scylla.'

Bangalore Meetup: How to NoSQL with Scylla, the Cassandra-Successor with Extreme Performance

March 7, 2019 | Swiggy Cafe Swiggy, Tower D, 9th floor IBC Knowledge Park Bhavani Nagar · Bengaluru | Bangalore ScyllaDB Users Meetup

Join us for a meetup to learn the six design decisions made at the beginning of the Scylla project, and how they guide us along the way.
You will also hear directly from Scylla users, who will share their stories from the trenches of Big Data: Why and how they migrated to Scylla? What should you pay attention to when migrating to Scylla? And the problems and solutions they encountered along the way.

Webinar: Avi Kivity of ScyllaDB Discusses Scylla Internals

February 27, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB CTO and co-founder Avi Kivity will provide insights about Scylla’s internals in an interview-style session with ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor. Join us to hear Avi on topics such as read and write paths, schedulers, and upcoming features in 2019, the ideal hardware for Scylla, interrupt placement, IO queues, memory management, user-defined functions in Lua and when to run Scylla on Kubernetes.

Meetup: GoWroc #31

February 21, 2019 | Ingrid, Centra, Young/Skilled Office pl. Jana Pawła II 14 · Wrocław | GoWroc

ScyllaDB's Michał Matczuk will demystify the reflection in Go.

Meetup: Materialized Views in distributed systems like Scylla/Cassandra

February 21, 2019 | Wydzial MIMUW (sala 4420) Banacha 2 · Warsaw | Open Source NoSQL Databases User Group

Performance of NoSQL databases like Scylla and Cassandra rely heavily on properly modeled data. Changing schema is hard but features like Materialized Views come to the rescue in situations like this.
The presentation will show how Materialized Views are implemented and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Meetup: How to Write a Database / Avi Kivity, CTO & Co-Founder, ScyllaDB

February 19, 2019 | AppsFlyer HQ Maskit 14 Floor 6 · Herzliya | AppsFlyer

Avi Kivity presents "How to Write a Database." This talk explores the database internals: commit logs, memory allocation, I/O strategies, and more.

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Scylla Open Source 3.0 – Materialized Views, Secondary Indexes, Filtering, and More

January 30, 2019 | Online | ScyllaDB

The industry’s most performant NoSQL database just got better. Scylla Open Source 3.0 introduces much-anticipated new features for more efficient querying, reduced storage requirements, lower repair times, and better overall database performance. It includes production-ready capabilities beyond those available with Apache Cassandra or any other NoSQL database. Join ScyllaDB CEO and co-founder Dor Laor and vice president of field engineering Glauber Costa for a technical overview of the new features and capabilities in Scylla Open Source 3.0.

On-Demand Webinar: Joining Billions of Rows in Seconds – Replacing MongoDB and Hive with Scylla

December 12, 2018 | Online | ScyllaDB

Join Alexys Jacob, CTO of Numberly, to learn how they joined of billions of rows in seconds and dramatically reduced operational and development complexity by using a single database for their hybrid analytical use case. This presentation explores Numberly’s experience migrating an intensive and join-hungry production workload from MongoDB and Hive to Scylla.

AWS re:Invent 2018

November 26, 2018 - November 30, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV | AWS

We're Silver Sponsors at AWS re:Invent 2018. Stop by Booth 1910 to see a demo, pick up a t-shirt, and play our game for a chance to win more cool schwag!

Scylla Summit 2018

November 6, 2018 - November 7, 2018 | Pullman San Francisco Bay Hotel, Redwood Shores, California | ScyllaDB

SCYLLA SUMMIT 2018 is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area November 6-7, with pre-summit training available November 5. Join us for 2 days of technical sessions on Scylla, NoSQL, and adjacent technologies. Register by September 14th and save $100!

On-Demand Webinar: Measuring Database Performance on Bare Metal AWS Instances

September 25, 2018 | Online | ScyllaDB

In this webinar we will look into the performance of Scylla running in a few of those instances versus Apache Cassandra running in their sweet spot, a larger fleet of smaller instances. We will discuss how much of the gains come from the database design and how much come from the removal of the virtualization layer.

Distributed Data Summit 2018

September 14, 2018 | Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco | Global Data Geeks

As Platinum sponsors, we're joining the leaders and top practitioners in the field for a one day conference to explore the latest developments.

Go See Meetup: ScyllaDB – Why work for performance when performance can work for you

September 13, 2018 | Stockholm Epicenter, 36 Mäster Samuelsgatan, 111 57 Norrmalm Sweden | Go See Talents

Join this tech talk to see how Scylla works and try it out from the comfort of your own laptop. You will learn how to use Scylla to store and retrieve large amounts of data in a simple and scalable way. Plus food and networking.

Next-Generation NoSQL Database Optimized on IBM POWER9 Architecture

August 7, 2018 | Live Online | IBM

Join this webinar to hear how ScyllaDB, the real-time big data database company, is working with the IBM® Power Systems™ teams to optimize the performance of the IBM POWER9™ multi-core architecture.

On-Demand Webinar: Using Control Theory to Keep Compactions Under Control

July 25, 2018 | Online | ScyllaDB

Join us to learn how ScyllaDB uses the mathematical foundation of control theory to make automatic decisions about compactions, putting an end to compaction tuning altogether.

On-Demand Webinar: Analytics Showtime – Spark Powered by Scylla

June 26, 2018 | Online | ScyllaDB

Spark has become the de-facto analytics tool for data stored in Scylla. In this webinar, we will review different workloads using Spark and Scylla, including Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), and how to create joins between tables and summaries and reporting. We will also cover data modeling best practices for Scylla-Spark use cases, different deployment scenarios and share performance tuning settings to utilize both Scylla and Spark at peak performance.

NYC Database Meetup: Oracle Data Cloud presents ‘Choosing the Right NoSQL Datastore Journeying From Apache Cassandra to Scylla’

June 19, 2018 | Galvanize, 2nd Floor 303 Spring St. New York, NY | SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Meetup

Join database enthusiasts to hear Aaron Stockton, Principal Software Engineer at Oracle Data Cloud, present 'Choosing the Right NoSQL Datastore Journeying From Apache Cassandra to Scylla, plus get cool swag and enjoy snacks.

Big Data Montreal Meetup: AdGear presents ‘1M queries/s with single-digit millisecond latency’

June 5, 2018 | Maison Notman 51 Sherbrooke Ouest & St-Laurent (Clark) Montréal, QC | Big Data Montreal

Join Big Data enthusiasts in Montreal for food, drinks, and to hear 'Real-time Big Data at scale: 1 million queries per second with single-digit millisecond latencies', presented by Mina Naguib, who leads the Site Reliability Engineering team at AdGear, and Glauber Costa, Solution Architect at ScyllaDB.

Fullstack LX Meetup: ScyllaDB – NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed

June 5, 2018 | Talkdesk: Rua Tierno Galvan, Torre 3 das Amoreiras, 15º Piso · 1070-274 Lisboa | Fullstack-LX

Scylla Engineer Duarte Nunes will present 'ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed'

Spark+AI Summit 2018

June 4, 2018 - June 6, 2018 | Moscone West, San Francisco | Databricks

On-Demand Webinar: Steering the Sea Monster – Integrating Scylla with Kubernetes

May 23, 2018 | Online | ScyllaDB

In this webinar, we introduce Kubernetes at a high level and demonstrate how to get started using Scylla with Kubernetes and Google Compute Engine.

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Scylla Manager

April 25, 2018 | On-Demand Webinar | ScyllaDB

By centralizing cluster administration and automating recurring tasks, Scylla Manager brings greater predictability and control to Scylla-based environments. Join us to learn about Scylla Manager’s recurrent repair capabilities, and see a demo of how to set up and run recurrent and ad-hoc repairs on a Scylla cluster.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Build a Highly Available Time-Series Solution with KairosDB

March 28, 2018 | On-Demand Webinar | ScyllaDB

A highly available time-series solution requires an efficient tailored front-end framework and a backend database with a fast ingestion rate. In this webinar, you'll learn the steps for building an efficient TSDB solution with Scylla and KairosDB, get real-world use cases and metrics, plus considerations when choosing time series solutions.

SCaLE 16x

March 8, 2018 - March 11, 2018 | Pasadena, California | Southern California Linux Expo

We will be Silver Sponsors at SCaLE 16x, the Sixteenth Annual Southern California Linux Expo. Stop by to talk about your database projects and pick up a t-shirt. Glauber Costa, ScyllaDB Principal Architect will be presenting his talk,  'Internal Architecture of a Modern NoSQL datastore.'

On-Demand Webinar: The Do’s and Don’ts of Benchmarking Databases

February 28, 2018 | On-Demand Webinar | ScyllaDB

In this webinar, you will learn a set of best practices to improve the quality of your benchmarks, and how to judge whether benchmarks with incredible claims are to be trusted.

On-Demand Webinar: Does it still make sense to do Big Data with Small Nodes?

January 31, 2018 | On-Demand Webinar | ScyllaDB

In the world of Big Data, scaling out is the norm. However, many Big Data deployments are trapped in a sea of small box clusters. Join us to learn the pros and cons of large nodes, and explore why people resist using big machines.

Data Day Texas 2018

January 27, 2018 | Austin, Texas | Data Day Texas

ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor will present at this gathering of data professionals.

AWS re:Invent 2017

November 27, 2017 - December 1, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV | AWS

We'll be at re:Invent all week - stop by Booth 833 to see a demo, pick up a t-shirt, and play our game for a chance to win more cool schwag!

Scylla Summit 2017

October 24, 2017 - October 25, 2017 | San Francisco | ScyllaDB

Join NoSQL developers and users for two days of sharing ideas, hearing innovating use cases, and getting real-life tips and tricks.

SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Meetup

August 15, 2017 | AWS Amazon at 350 W. Broadway (near Canal), New York, NY | SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Meetup

The head of data science at mParticle presented 'How to Process 50 Billion Monthly Messages with Full Availability & Performance.'

AWS Summit New York

August 14, 2017 | Javits Center, New York, NY | AWS

AWS Summit New York brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS.


June 8, 2017 - June 9, 2017 | Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda | Jumia

ScyllaDB engineer Duarte Nunes presents ‘ScyllaDB: Faster than a Speeding Byte’

J on the Beach

May 17, 2017 - May 19, 2017 | Málaga, Spain | J on the Beach

ScyllaDB engineer Duarte Nunes presents 'ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed'

On-Demand Webinar: How to Achieve No-Compromise Performance and Availability

April 26, 2017 | Live online | Webinar

Join ScyllaDB co-founders Dor Laor and Avi Kivity for a candid discussion about why they founded ScyllaDB and chose to rewrite Apache Cassandra, achieving ten times the throughput as well as lower latency and jitter, forever ending the compromise between performance and availability.

AWS Summit San Francisco

April 18, 2017 - April 19, 2017 | San Francisco, CA | AWS

The AWS Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS.

Microscope Barcelona

February 2, 2017 | Barcelona, Spain | Meetup

Scylla engineer Duarte Nunes presents "ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed"

Austin Data Geeks Meetup

January 12, 2017 | Austin, TX | Meetup

CEO, Dor Laor presents: “ScyllaDB: Apache Cassandra at 10x”

AWS: re-invent

November 27, 2016 - December 1, 2016 | Las Vegas, NV | Conference


November 13, 2016 - November 17, 2016 | San Francisco, CA | Conference

ScyllaDB CTO Avi Kivity presents "ScyllaDB: Achieving No-Compromise Performance"


October 25, 2016 | Online | Meetup

Scylla Summit 2016

September 6, 2016 | San Jose, CA | Conference

It was standing room only at ScyllaDB's first ever Summit!

Apache Big Data North America

May 12, 2016 | Vancouver, BC | Conference

Percona Live

April 18, 2016 - April 21, 2016 | Santa Clara, CA | Conference

Scylla CTO and Founder Avi Kivity presents “xxx”

Apache Big Data Europe

January 14, 2016 - January 16, 2016 | Seville, Spain | Conference