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ScyllaDB Shard-per-Core Architecture


ScyllaDB’s revolutionary new approach to NoSQL database architecture is optimized for modern hardware and cloud compute

Memtable and Row-Based Cache
A simplified depiction of ScyllaDB’s shard-per-core design, with the read path on the top, and the write path below.

ScyllaDB was built from the ground up in C++ with the full knowledge and experience of how to take advantage of modern multicore, multi-processor NUMA server hardware and fundamental features of the Linux operating system. ScyllaDB is a massively-parallelized database engine that runs sharded on each core in your server, across all the servers in a cluster. Its design enables ScyllaDB to run millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond average latencies.

image showing scylladb cluster and database shard per core
Each node in a ScyllaDB cluster operates peer-to-peer; there is no primary/replica model to create bottlenecking or single points of failure. Within each node data is sharded per-core.

Modern Shared-Nothing Architecture

ScyllaDB uses a highly asynchronous, shared-nothing design, based on its underlying Seastar framework. Each shard of data is allotted CPU, RAM, persistent storage and networking resources which it uses as efficiently as possible. With its own custom schedulers for CPU and I/O processing, ScyllaDB knows how to get maximum efficiency out of your infrastructure.

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