The Real-Time Big Data Database

Scale-up performance of 1,000,000 IOPS per node, scale-out to hundreds of nodes and 99% latency of <1 msec

The Real-Time Big Data Database

Scale-up performance of 1,000,000 IOPS per node, scale-out to hundreds of nodes and 99% latency of <1 msec

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Spark, File Transfer, and More: Strategies for Migrating Data to and from a Cassandra or Scylla Cluster

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Samsung Benchmark:
Throughput of ScyllaDB vs Cassandra Using 2TB Data for Different YCSB Workloads

YCSB Benchmark:
Scylla vs Cassandra Using only 3 Scylla Nodes

AWS i3.metal Benchmark:
Comparing Scylla on 4 i3.metal nodes versus Cassandra on 40 nodes of i3.4xlarge

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Benefits of Using Scylla

A true NoSQL database for the most demanding applications

Low and Consistent Latency

Lockless implementation and an independent memory management stack remove the inefficient reliance on JVM or Linux page cache to deliver consistently low latency.

Always-On Availability

Automatic failover and replication across multiple nodes and data-centers makes for reliable fault tolerance.

10x Higher Throughput

Written in C++ to squeeze every bit of performance from hardware and allow up to 1,000,000 read/write operations per node.

Highly Scalable

Auto-sharding, homogeneous servers, and native multi-datacenter implementation allow seamless linear scaling without compromising on application downtime or performance.

Easy to Use

Apache Cassandra’s wire protocol, a rich polyglot of drivers, and integration with Spark, Presto, and Graph tools make for resource-efficient and performance-effective coding.

Community Backed

ScyllaDB has been open sourced since day one and is backed by a growing community of contributors.

Compaction, Streaming and Repair Solved

Workload conditioning provides an umbrella of dynamic scheduling algorithms to minimize database operation latency jitter and reduce compaction streaming and repair time.

Optimum Total Cost of Ownership

C++ framework boots effectiveness to capture up to 10x throughput over existing infrastructure.

Auto Tuning

Fully automated and dynamic tuning effectively manages internal resource, requires zero configuration, and enhances performance straight out of the box.

No-Compromise Performance and Availability

Scylla's easy-to-use NoSQL database powers your applications with high availability and blazing fast performance.

What makes “a good” vs. a great database deployment? Apache Cassandra Scylla
High Availability Cassandra: Multi-region and fault tolerant Scylla: Multi-region and fault tolerant
High Scalability Cassandra: Homogeneous nodes scale to hundreds of nodes per cluster Scylla: Homogeneous nodes scale to hundreds of nodes per cluster. Additionally, Scylla scales up with the number of cores in our server
Low Latency Cassandra: Unpredictable and unbounded latency, mainly the result of the JVM’s GC Scylla: C++, shared-nothing and lockless novel design allows < 1 millisecond tail latency
High Throughput Cassandra: Limited per-node performance. Cannot fully exploit the disk/memory/cpus Scylla: Fully asynchronous core engine with shard-per-core architecture allows perfect scale-up
 Less Management Cassandra: Intricate tuning, endless compactions and GC storms makes it hard to maintain Scylla: Out-of-the-box tuning, isolation and SLA between background and foreground jobs free DevOps time during day and lets them sleep at night

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Getting started takes only a few minutes. Scylla has an installer for every major platform and is well documented. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.