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ScyllaDB Cloud

Build real-time applications at global scale with ScyllaDB Cloud, the industry’s fastest and most powerful fully managed NoSQL DBaaS. Available on AWS and Google Cloud.

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The Monstrously Fast + Scalable NoSQL Cloud Databases

The Best NoSQL Cloud Database for Modern Data-intensive Applications

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Price Performance

Building on Our NoSQL DBaaS achieves millions of OPS throughput from a single node, resulting in huge cost savings.

Low Latencies

Consistent single-digit millisecond P99 latencies ensure dependable performance.

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No Vendor Lock-In

Built for portability, you can easily migrate data to other clouds or on-premise deployments.

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Cassandra / DynamoDB Compatible

Migrate to ScyllaDB Cloud from Apache Cassandra or Amazon DynamoDB without changing your application code.

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Managed by the Experts

Our NoSQL database cloud service is maintained by the same engineers who developed the software.

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Flexible Pricing & Sizing

On-demand or yearly commitments, with the added option to run on your own AWS account.

Low Latencies, Low Costs

ScyllaDB delivers consistent, low-single-digit latencies. A recent Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) shows ScyllaDB p95 latency as one-third that of Amazon DynamoDB. Our prices are even lower — as little as one-fifth of what you’d pay for the same workload on DynamoDB.

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Proven at Scale

Disney+ Hotstar relies on ScyllaDB Cloud to support massive growth, scaling NoSQL for millions of on-demand users.

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What Makes ScyllaDB Cloud (NoSQL DBaaS) Monstrously Fast + Scalable?

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Scales Up and Out
ScyllaDB’s performance grows linearly with larger compute instances and additional cores. This translates to fewer nodes to provision and significantly lower cost to use ScyllaDB Cloud compared to other NoSQL DBaaS options.
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Security & Compliance

Single-tenant hardened security, encrypted backups, key management. ScyllaDB Cloud has secured certification with SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, 27017, and 2718 standards. Our customers can trust that we have taken all necessary measures to protect the information processed in our ScyllaDB NoSQL cloud service.

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Around the Clock Support
ScyllaDB engineers monitor system health, automatic back-ups, repairs, provide 24*7 online support and quick response to any alerts offering strict SLAs to our fully managed NoSQL database cloud service.
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Hot Fixes

Updates are applied as needed, transparent to a running system. The latest features and security updates are always installed.

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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering

Allows you to securely connect your application to the ScyllaDB Cloud environment, and to use private IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to avoid routing traffic over the Internet.

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Highly Available

ScyllaDB Cloud replicates your data across multiple availability zones within a region so there’s no single point of failure. Add more replicas and expand your cluster to multiple data centers, as you wish.


ScyllaDB Cloud BYOA enables customers to have ScyllaDB Cloud resources allocated within their own accounts (as opposed to allocating it in a ScyllaDB account). We will still manage everything for you. (Currently available on AWS only)

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Just a Better NoSQL Database

Handles hot partition keys 20X better than DynamoDB/BigTable/Cosmos DB. Each partition can be up to 100GB in size, relieving you from changing your data model. Equal write and read performance, all internal nodes are active-active. Smart clients reach the target shard in a single hop.

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Built on the Powerful ScyllaDB NoSQL Database

ScyllaDB Cloud NoSQL DBaaS is built on ScyllaDB Enterprise, the highly performant database trusted by leading companies across a variety of industries.

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