ScyllaDB Cloud

Monstrously Fast + Scalable NoSQL Cloud Database

Build real-time applications at global scale with ScyllaDB Cloud, the industry’s fastest and most powerful fully managed NoSQL DBaaS. Available on AWS or Google Cloud

What is ScyllaDB Cloud?

Simplify Administration. Accelerate Development.

  • Offload database deployment, management, and protection
  • Eliminate infrastructure burdens and lower costs
  • Run on AWS or Google Cloud across the globe (even allocate resources within your account)

Leveraged by Gamechangers

Innovative engineering organizations across the globe use ScyllaDB Cloud to maximize performance and cost efficiency for their data-intensive applications.

Predictable performance for on sale surges

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Reducing latency and cost of messaging for ~180M+ users

Tracking vehicles for fleet management

Low Latencies, Low Costs

ScyllaDB Cloud delivers higher throughput and lower latency at scale than NoSQL DBaaS alternatives - and at far less cost.

What Makes ScyllaDB Cloud (NoSQL DBaaS)
Monstrously Fast + Scalable?


Next Gen Architecture

ScyllaDB’s close-to-the-metal architecture extracts the full computing power of modern infrastructure. Written from the ground up in C++, ScyllaDB doesn’t suffer from Java overhead. Data is distributed across clustered servers per CPU core and free from resource sharing operations. Capable of 1M+ ops per server, ScyllaDB scales linearly from gigabytes to petabytes easily, without interruption.

Built for Speed

ScyllaDB offers wide-column NoSQL data modeling, delivering faster reads over key-value and document stores at high volume. Further boosting query speed are shard-aware drivers that connect client requests directly to the exact CPUs within nodes that are responsible for the data. And ScyllaDB tunes itself automatically to maintain optimal read and write speeds and minimize administrative overhead.


High Availability

ScyllaDB’s architecture is also highly fault tolerant with no single point of failure. Data is automatically replicated across multiple nodes with eventual consistency in milliseconds – even between data centers in different geographic regions if needed – to prevent data loss and help ensure round-the-clock application availability.

Security & Compliance

Single-tenant hardened security, encrypted backups, key management. ScyllaDB Cloud has secured certification with SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 standards. Our customers can trust that we have taken all necessary measures to protect the information processed in our ScyllaDB NoSQL cloud service.


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