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ScyllaDB is a NoSQL database that’s purpose-built for data-intensive apps which require high throughput and predictable low latency. It provides powerful performance at massive scale – for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. 

ScyllaDB’s close-to-the-metal architecture harnesses processor, memory, network, and storage innovation to maximize performance and use less infrastructure. Data is distributed across clustered servers per CPU core and free from resource-sharing operations. ScyllaDB is capable of performing over 1 million operations per second, and it can easily scale from gigabytes to petabytes without any interruption.

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Benefit from high throughput, scalability and efficient storage for data-intensive applications.

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Reduce latency to milliseconds with reliable p99 performance for lightning fast data processing.

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Enjoy consistent, predictable and transparent pricing with no surprises or unexpected charges.

ScyllaDB is an excellent choice for business-critical workloads that need high throughput and predictable, low latency. To understand if it’s right for you, first consider where your workload falls with respect to high throughput and/or low latency.

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Unlocking performance for common NoSQL data models

ScyllaDB is designed for applications working with semi-structured or structured data  – querying that data with known/predictable patterns. High cardinality with evenly distributed access patterns is quite helpful. 


Key Value

Given its need to quickly retrieve and update data, key-value workloads greatly benefit from ScyllaDB's shard-per-core architecture and close to the metal design, delivering extreme sub millisecond lookups while sustaining hundreds of thousands of updates simultaneously.


Wide Column

ScyllaDB’s flexibility in schema design supports complex real-time applications. Its feature-complete list of data types, along with indexes and materialized views support, enables you to easily adapt your workloads as new business needs emerge.


Cache Replacement

In-memory workloads greatly benefit from ScyllaDB's specialized cache implementation. Using ScyllaDB as a persistent store that replaces an external cache simplifies operations and application complexity, enables infrastructure consolidation, and lowers costs.


Time Series

ScyllaDB's efficient key lookup heuristics and distributed aggregates enable you to look up, retrieve, and process massive amounts of time-series data in real time, building your competitive advantage.

ScyllaDB’s hardware efficiency and unique pricing model make it a compelling choice for many teams. Our pricing model is particularly attractive to teams with write-heavy workloads and moderate to high throughput. For example, teams with 100K ops/sec and 30K writes will find significant savings versus DynamoDB and MongoDB. That advantage diminishes at lower throughput and increases at scale.

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