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Scylla NoSQL Case Studies​

Scylla NoSQL is trusted by a rapidly growing number of global brands, including AdGear, Comcast, Discord, Disney+, Grab, Medium, Starbucks, Zillow and hundreds more.

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Fanatics Logo

“Scylla helped us reduce our stack size from 55 nodes of Cassandra to 12 Cassanadra nodes and 3 nodes of Scylla.”

Niraj Kothari, Dir, Platforms Engineering, Fanatics.

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We’ve reduced our P99, three 9 and four 9 latencies by 95%.

Phil Zimich, Senior Director of Engineering, Comcast

Fireeye Logo

“We are looking forward to leveraging Scylla on other projects within FireEye.”

Kishna Palati, Sr. Manager, FireEye


“Scylla has ended up saving Discord time, money and downtime.”

Mark Smith, Director of Engineering, Discord

Zillow logo

“No one even realizes that we are processing the entirety of Zillow’s property and listings data.”

Dan Podhola, Principal Software Engineer, Zillow

Tubi Logo

“Scylla has reduced latency from 300 ms to 10 ms, the database clusters had no errors all year”

Alex Bantis, Backend Scala Developer, Tubi

The Scylla team helped to integrate with DynamoDB streams, and, overall, partnered effectively.

Sandeep Lakshmipathy, Director of Engineering, GE Healthcare

numberly logo

It’s critical we have a system we can trust, that’s efficient and that maintains consistent low latencies.

Alexys Jacob, CTO, Numberly

GumGum logo

“Other cloud database options simply weren’t fast enough to meet our SLAs.”

Jason Mills, Engineering Manager at artificial intelligence leader GumGum

Grab Taxi logo

We needed an aggregation store that’s high throughput, low latency and low overhead. That’s where Scylla comes in.

Aravind Srinivasan, Engineering Lead, Grab

“We have been using Scylla in production for around 5 months now. Some of our microservices have 99-tile latencies in the ~5 milliseconds, thanks to Scylla 🙂 We are getting great performance at a fraction of the cost.”

Soumya Simanta
Architect, Ola Cabs

Kiwi.com Logo

“If you’re considering moving from Cassandra to Scylla, I don’t know what’s holding you back!”

Martin Strycek, Engineering Manager, Kiwi.com

SAS Institute Logo

“The same drivers and commands that worked with Cassandra were working with Scylla.”

David Blythe, Principal Software Engineer, SAS


“Nearly 9X cost reduction when comparing to DynamoDB”

Thales Biancala, Senior Backend Developer, iFood

Lucky us, Scylla met all our hard requirements.

Louay Kamel, Distributed Systems Engineer, IOTA Foundation

Lookout Logo

“We were very pleased with the operational characteristics of Scylla. We were able to meet requirements with far fewer servers than expected.”

Richard Ney, Principle, Lookout

GE Digital Logo

“We can serve more users, at lower operational cost.”

Arvind Singh, Senior Staff Engineer, GE Digital

“The excellent performance of ScyllaDB means we can save lots of money adopting ScyllaDB against other NoSQL databases.”

Kuyul Noh & Junghyun Park

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Hear from Scylla Users

See what people like best about Scylla from a variety of NoSQL use cases.

With Scylla, there’s no JVM so cutting out those problems from the list and just having to configure things properly for a Cassandra-type system or a Dynamo-type system is great.

Keith Lohnes and David Pitera, Software Engineers, IBM

…with Scylla you’ve got open source development methodology providing that very fast delivery so you’ve got the best of today’s worlds.”

Frank Ober, Solutions Architect, Intel

Reversing Labs Logo
“It is hard to find a database that can support all of that.”

Goran Cvijanovic, Software Architect, ReversingLabs

Mistaway Logo

“Scylla Cloud is pretty much zero maintenance and zero stress!”

Kevin Johnson, Software Engineer, Mistaway Systems

adgear logo

“From Scylla, compared to our Cassandra deployment, we’re using about half the amount of hardware. We get lower latencies that are also much more predictable, which is perfect for our use case.”

David Haguenauer, Software Engineer – Data, AdGear

zeotap logo

“We believe ours is the world’s largest native JanusGraph database backed by Scylla.”

Saurabh Verma, Principal Data Engineer, Zeotap


“Had we known beforehand how well it was going to work, we would have obviously made the switch even sooner!”

Kevaughn Bullock, Application Architect, SteelHouse

“We saved at least $150,000 of capital expenses per petabyte.”

Kirill Alexseev, Software Engineering Technical Lead, Mail.Ru

Persosa Logo

“Our experience with Scylla Cloud has been great. We’ve been meeting and actually exceeding our expectations on our request latency.”

Kirk Morales, Chief Technology Officer, Persosa

Enharmonic Logo

“If you can’t deliver performance when you’re scaling to 10m or 100M verticies, then really nothing else matters. That’s what Scylla’s built to do!”

Ryan Stauffer, Founder & CEO, Enharmonic

Opera Logo

“We can now focus on creating new features for our users instead of babysitting Cassandra.”

Rafał Furmański, Head of Web Services, Opera

mediamath logo

“Of all of the database migrations I’ve worked on in my career, Scylla was the smoothest, for sure.”

Knight Fu, Director of Engineering, MediaMath


“Scylla just may be the world’s fastest NoSQL database.”

Brent Williams, Engineer, Snapfish

“There is no comparison. Scylla is way better than Cassandra.”

Clemence Saussez, Production Engineer, Zenly

The best thing about Scylla so far, apart from the performance out of the box, is the team that is very supportive and helpful.”

Miguel Martinez Pedreira, Computer Engineer, CERN

dynamic yield logo

“Meeting the requirements of GDPR became significantly easier when all of our user data was unified in Scylla, another huge bonus of our efforts.”

Oran Hirsch, R&D Big Data Developer, Dynamic Yield

dstillery logo

“Since Scylla tunes itself to the workload, we just set the host IP, cluster name, seeds, and let it go.”

Hang Chan, Site Reliability Engineer, Dstillery


“The system requires less management and configuration to keep it running. Scylla just runs smoothly and with minimal configuration.”

Amit Ziv-Kenet, Backend Tech Lead, Augury

“We have observed a huge reduction in read latency by migrating from Cassandra to Scylla which enabled us to easily meet our SLAs.”

Andrew Katz
CTO & Founder, mParticle

“What I like most about Scylla is the latency it gives us, no matter what traffic is, no matter what happens it’s just a straight line. No spikes, no weird behaviors.”

Nauto Logo

“I’ve worked with BigTable, Redis, Postgres and DynamoDB. Compared to all of these Scylla provides very low latencies and has been inexpensive and easy to deploy.”

Rohit Saboo, ML Infrastructure Lead, Nauto

Meshify Logo

We evaluated Cassandra and Dynamo. We found Scylla had the best performance for the TCO and without vendor lock-in.

Sam Kenkel, DevOps Lead, Meshify

SkyElectric Logo

“After running a production cluster of Scylla for a year, I just cannot stress this enough; I sleep very well without worrying that something might go wrong.”

Meraj Rasool, DevOps Lead, SkyElectric

Compose, an IBM company, allows developers to get production-ready databases in minutes. Developers can choose the best OSS database technologies to power their applications and let Compose do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

“When we heard of a Cassandra drop-in-replacement we were skeptics. But very quickly we found it is all true—not only were the latency and GC issues completely gone, better hardware utilization allowed us to shrink the cluster size by half!”

Gabriel Mizrahi
CTO, Investing.com

GPS Insight Logo

Scylla is the ideal database for IOT in the industry right now.

Doug Stuns, Scylla Architect, GPS Insight

Sensaphone Blue Logo

It worked out of the box. We didn’t have to tune anything. It was all just easy.

Derek Ramsey, Software Engineering Manager, Sensaphone

helpshift logo

“This kind of empowerment is crucial to the growth of an agile startup and, in hindsight, it was the perfect database for us.”

Mourjo Sen, Software Developer, Helpshift

Natura Logo

“With Scylla, we’re seeing better performance, saving a lot of money, getting great support, and there’s no more JVM”

Felipe Moz, Big Data Engineer, Natura

“Since Scylla did very well out of the box, we ended up spending a lot of time on other databases—mainly Hbase and Cassandra—to make them more comparable to Scylla. But of course we failed miserably. They still don’t perform as well as Scylla.”

Ted Chang and Chin Huang

Instinctive.io supplies a best-in-class marketing platform for publishers and advertisers and is the first provider of native content and native advertising to shift toward transacting on attention.

Child Rescue Coalition Logo

“We needed a bigger, more responsive database, and that’s why we decided to use Scylla.”

Jose Garcia-Fernandez, Vice President of Technology, Child Rescue Coalition

tantan logo

“By adopting Scylla, we’ve completely side-stepped garbage collection and other issues that were interfering with the real-time nature of our application.”

Ken Peng, Backend Specialist, Tantan

Scylla enabled us to maintain our same responsiveness for a scale ten, a hundred times as large as what Redis could handle.

Kyle Rudy, Sr. Software Engineer, IMVU

Tellus Labs logo

“To be honest, I’ve spent zero time trying to figure out what’s going on. Scylla just works.”

Ophir Horn, Head of Engineering, TellusLabs

Building a platform means building an API to go with it and building an API means managing the keys to that API efficiently. Kirk Morales, CEO at Hyver, has used ScyllaDB to solve this tricky problem and in this Compose Write Stuff article, he shows how you can too.

Veramine Logo

“Even if the performance were only as good as Cassandra, and in fact it’s much better, Scylla would still be a significant improvement.”

Jonathan Ness, CEO, Veramine

“It is fast. We have started to get used to seeing latencies in the microseconds as opposed to milliseconds.”

Henrik Johansson
Senior Developer, Eniro

“Thanks to Scylla’s superior performance over Cassandra we saved operational and capital costs. More than a year in production, Scylla is serving 600,000 requests per second.”

FengLin (MengYe Shen), Mogujie

AppNexus Logo

“We have a 47-node cluster across 5 data centers. With ScyllaDB we were able to reduce hardware cost and achieve great throughput and latency. Had we used Apache Cassandra for the same use case, we estimated that the cluster would have been at least twice as large.”

Andrew Sweeney, VP of Engineering at AppNexus

“One of my favorite aspects about Scylla is how it’s written. It’s self-tuning and looks at the hardware and that saves administrators time greatly. And you get a product that does what it’s supposed to do without having to be a leading authority on the topic.”

Joshi Fullop

“Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is highly sensitive to latency. Scylla’s multi-region deployment provides the latency we need, combined with high throughput per node.”

Eugene Yusim
Director of Engineering, Storygize

“Compared to other distributed database management systems, Scylla allows us to run operations in a fraction of the time. As a result, we have kept our cluster healthy, our latency low, and our clients happy.”

Noam Hasson
Big Data Team Leader, Kenshoo

“I like dealing with Scylla as a company. The employees have been extremely friendly. They’ve been very approachable, very easy to talk to.”

Brian Hawkins, Engineer, Proofpoint

“In short, Scylla rocks….It does exactly what we need (distribute a Cassandra load) runs very fast, and allows us to generate reports against historical data without waiting a month. Still using it. Still going to use it. Love it.”

Mac Smith
Linux Developer, CPI Card Group

“Scylla’s low latency allows us to respond to real-time bids faster than ever before. We are already using Scylla on production on 3 different GCE regions, and plan to use it for more use cases soon.”

Stéphane Dugelay
CTO, Mediarithmics

“Scylla reduced our latency to a level of single digit millisecond without changing a single line of code.”

Terry Ma
Software Engineer, Musical.ly

Medium Logo

“We’ve been fans of ScyllaDB for a long time. For our applications, Scylla Cloud delivers the best cost/performance compared to other RDBMS or NoSQL databases.”

David Zhao, Director of Engineering, Medium

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