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ScyllaDB Benchmarks

NoSQL Database Benchmarks

Selecting the best NoSQL database for your application is a business-critical task. That’s why we constantly compare Scylla vs. other NoSQL databases for throughput and latency. Database latency determines your application speed, while database throughput defines how many users your application can service.

4-node Scylla 2.2 (i3.metal) vs 40-node Cassandra 3.11 (i3.4xlarge) – Database Benchmark

  • 2.5X reduction in AWS EC2 costs
  • Dramatic improvement in availability through 10X reduction in cluster size
  • Up to 11X improvement in 99th percentile latency
  • Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances are a great platform for Scylla

Scylla vs DynamoDB – Database Benchmark

  • 20x better throughput in the hot-partition test
  • Scylla Cloud is 1/7 the expense of DynamoDB when running equivalent workloads
  • Scylla Cloud: Average replication latency of 82ms. DynamoDB: Average latency of 370ms.
  • Scylla provides you freedom of choice with no cloud vendor lock-in

Scylla vs Bigtable – Database Benchmark

  • Scylla Cloud performs 26X better than Google Cloud Bigtable when applied with real-world, unoptimized data distribution
  • Google BigTable requires 10X as many nodes to accept the same workload as Scylla Cloud
  • Scylla Cloud was able to sustain 26x the throughput, and with read latencies 1/800th and write latencies less than 1/100th of Cloud Bigtable

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