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Safeguard your SLAs with ScyllaDB NoSQL Support.

Enterprise Support
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Enterprise Support

ScyllaDB Enterprise subscriptions include a ScyllaDB Enterprise software license, tested and certified binaries, software updates and hot fixes.

Are you a ScyllaDB customer?

Need technical support?

ScyllaDB is highly committed to your success and provides technical support directly from ScyllaDB Professional Services engineers through support ticketing (via the web, email or Slack) and a designated Slack channel for non-SLA issues. To best meet your SLA requirements and needs for expert assistance, choose among three ScyllaDB Support Care packages:




P1 - Urgent Priority Standard 2 hours (8x5) Professional 1 hour (24x7) Premium 15 min (24x7)
P2 - High Priority Standard 1 Business Day Professional 2 hours (24x7) Premium 1 hour (24x7)
P3 - Normal Priority Standard 1 Business Day Professional 8 hours (24x7) Premium 4 hours (24x7)
P4 - Low Priority Standard 1 Business Day Professional 8 hours (24x7) Premium 8 hours (24x7)
System Health Check Standard Professional Annually Premium Twice a Year
Root Cause Analysis Standard Professional
DevOps & Developer training Standard Professional Premium
Proactive Performance Optimization Standard Professional Premium
Dedicated Slack Channel Standard Professional
*Named Technical Account Manager Standard Professional Premium

*Customers with Premium level support have a Technical Account Manager (TAM) assigned to their account. TAMs serve a strategic role to equip for growth and maximize performance at scale, as well as provide sizing, testing, and validation for new database workloads.

To help ScyllaDB Enterprise customers fully leverage their monstrously fast + scalable NoSQL database and optimize application performance, we offer additional Professional Services and Training.

ScyllaDB Professional Services

  • Guidance on deploying and running ScyllaDB in production
  • Help in sizing and deployment plans
  • Suggestions on choosing the best hardware and operating system combination for your needs
  • Assistance in data modeling and query planning

ScyllaDB Training

  • Designed for Enterprise Database Administrators, System Engineers, Developers, and Architects.
  • Learn an overview of NoSQL and gain in-depth knowledge of ScyllaDB
  • Participants will learn the ScyllaDB Architecture and important concepts such as installation, monitoring, and the advantages of using ScyllaDB.

Open Source Community​

The ScyllaDB Open Source Community is continually growing and highly active. As questions arise, connect with fellow users on the ScyllaDB Community Forum and Slack, join mailing lists, leverage our extensive documentation, and learn for free at ScyllaDB University.

Community Forum

Visit our forum to search common questions, ask your own, or chime in on an existing discussion.


ScyllaDB-User: Join our Slack Channel and gain assistance from ScyllaDB Open Source Community


Leverage rich ScyllaDB Documentation and ScyllaDB Blog content for answers to your technical questions and best practices to optimize your NoSQL environment

ScyllaDB University

Take our free NoSQL courses and join the 1000s of students of ScyllaDB University