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Choose the level of NoSQL support that’s right for your organization.

Community Support
Community Support 24/7 Enterprise Support

Community Support

The Scylla Open Source database community is active and growing. Connect with users on Slack, find answers in our docs, learn for free at Scylla University.


ScyllaDB-User: Join our Slack channel and feel free to ask quick questions there

Developer and User Mailing Lists

scylladb-dev: Discuss the development of Scylla itself

scylladb-users: Discuss using Scylla and developing client applications


Scylla University

Pick a NoSQL database course and get started on your path to becoming a Scylla expert

24/7 Enterprise Support

Scylla Enterprise NoSQL database subscriptions include a Scylla Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, and technical NoSQL support.

Already a customer?

Access support through the Customer Portal

Scylla Enterprise Support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who develop Scylla through support ticketing (via the web, email or Slack) and a designated Slack channel for non-SLA issues.

Urgent Issues (P1)

Major outage - cluster unavailable: major business impact

Response within 2 local business hours

High Priority Issues (P2)

Minor outage - cluster partially unavailable: some business impact

Response within 4 hours

Normal Issues (P3)

Production environment has minor performance issues

Response within 1 business day

Low Priority Issues (P4)

Questions and requests for enhancements

Response within 3 local business days

Customer Success Program

To help Scylla Enterprise customers optimize their real-time NoSQL database implementation, we offer Scylla Professional Services and NoSQL Training.

Scylla Professional Services

  • Guidance on deploying and running Scylla in production
  • Help in sizing and deployment plans
  • Suggestions on choosing the best hardware and operating system combination for your needs
  • Assistance in data modeling and query planning

Scylla Training

  • Designed for Enterprise Database Administrators, System Engineers, Developers, and Architects.
  • Learn an overview of NoSQL and gain in-depth knowledge of Scylla
  • Participants will learn the Scylla Architecture and important concepts such as installation, monitoring, and the advantages of using Scylla.
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Scylla University

Get started on the path to Scylla expertise

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Scylla Cloud

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