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ScyllaDB Operator

Easily Manage Your ScyllaDB Cluster on Kubernetes

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ScyllaDB Operator is an open-source project that gives ScyllaDB Open Source and ScyllaDB Enterprise  users an easy way to run and manage ScyllaDB via Kubernetes. The ScyllaDB Operator automates the NoSQL cluster deployment process and tasks related to operating a ScyllaDB cluster, such as scaling, backup, auto-healing, rolling configuration changes, upgrades, and more.

Why Run a NoSQL Database on Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is the industry standard for production-grade cloud orchestration. As a project, it graduated from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), whose mission is to build sustainable ecosystems for cloud-native software.

By running a database in Kubernetes, administrative operations can all use the same standard across cloud providers, so that your applications, your NoSQL database, and all related infrastructure can be deployed and managed using a common set of tools, protocols, and processes.

ScyllaDB Kubernetes Operator Features

Cluster Deployment Options

Choose from a variety of ScyllaDB cluster deployment options on a generic Kubernetes cluster, or choose performance-optimized deployment with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS, experimental).

Kubernetes cluster




EKS (experimental)

Multi-AZ Support

ScyllaDB Operator helps to ensure high availability by deploying ScyllaDB clusters across multiple availability zones (AZs).


Multi-Cluster Support

Deploy and manage multiple ScyllaDB clusters at the same time with the ScyllaDB Operator.


Scaling Operations

Safely and easily scale up your cluster or add new racks, or reduce your cluster size by scaling down.


Rolling Config Changes

Simplifying the configuration changes process with the automatic rollout, ScyllaDB Operator will apply config changes and restart nodes in your NoSQL cluster one by one.


Rolling Upgrades

Upgrade your ScyllaDB cluster to the next major, minor, or patch version with a simple change to the config file. ScyllaDB Operator will perform a drain of each node, full data backups to prevent data loss, installation of the image update, and validation of the upgrade – all transparent to the current data traffic.


Auto Healing

Failed node? No problem! ScyllaDB Operator will automatically replace any down node without user intervention.


Repair and Backup

ScyllaDB Operator is fully integrated with ScyllaDB Manager (NoSQL database management system). It allows you to granularly manage the repair and backup processes to AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage with a simple change of ScyllaDB cluster definition.

Cluster Monitoring

Monitor your cluster health and performance in real time with ScyllaDB Monitoring Stack, which is based on Prometheus and Grafana.

Grafana Dashboards

Helm Charts

Customize the deployment of your ScyllaDB cluster, ScyllaDB Manager and ScyllaDB Monitoring Stack on your Kubernetes environment with Helm Charts.



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