We are the team behind Scylla, the open source drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra with lightning fast throughput and ultra-low latency.

The team behind Scylla designed and developed the KVM hypervisor, the default hypervisor in many cloud computing environments, including Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, and OpenStack.

At ScyllaDB, we carefully apply low-level knowledge to our Big Data technology. Data structures are measured to not cross CPU cachelines, poll-mode drivers are used instead of interrupts, disk accesses are measured for write amplification, and caches need to be scan-resistant. We’re proud of our very own task scheduler and TCP/IP kernel bypass. We use bleeding-edge C++ language revision and compilers, and dream about commodity non-volatile random-access memory.

The ScyllaDB Team

Avi Kivity

Kivity, CTO of ScyllaDB, is known mostly for starting the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) project, the hypervisor underlying many production clouds. He has worked for Qumranet and Red Hat as KVM maintainer until December 2012. Avi is now CTO of ScyllaDB, a company that seeks to bring the same kind of innovation to the public cloud space.


Dor Laor

Dor Laor is the CEO of ScyllaDB. Previously, Dor was part of the founding team of the KVM hypervisor under Qumranet that was acquired by Red Hat. At Red Hat Dor was managing the KVM and Xen development for several years. Dor holds an MSc from the Technion and a Phd in snowboarding.

Shlomi Livne
VP of R&D

Shlomi Livne has 15 years of experience in software development of large scale systems. Previously he has led the research and development team at Convergin, which was acquired by Oracle. Shlomi holds a BA and MSc in Computer Science from the Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel.

Glauber Costa
VP of Field Engineering

Glauber Costa is VP of Field Engineering at ScyllaDB. He shares his time between the engineering department working on upcoming Scylla features and helping customers succeed.

Before ScyllaDB, Glauber worked with Virtualization in the Linux Kernel for 10 years, with contributions ranging from the Xen Hypervisor to all sorts of guest functionality and containers.

Danit Livne

Danit Livne
VP of Finance

Danit has over 20 years of operational and financial expertise in high-tech companies, startups, and early stage. Her expertise includes M&As, investor relations, early-stage investments, strategic planning & organizational leadership.

Prior to joining ScyllaDB, Danit has been a partner at Nextage and CFO a of top-tier venture-backed multinational technology companies.

Danit is a registered CPA (Isr.) and holds a BA. in Accounting and Economics from Haifa University and an LLM degree from Bar Ilan University.

Rich Nigro Bio Pic

Rich Nigro
VP of Sales

Rich has 20+ years experience in sales and sales management, most recently leading the Enterprise and SMB teams at MySQL/Oracle. A self-professed sales nerd, he helps focus his teams’ efforts on delighting customers and prefers being in front of them with reps actively listening and coaching. When not thinking about sales, Rich pursues a variety of creative outlets such as cooking, writing and painting as well as enjoying the outdoors with his family and French Bulldog, Zorro.

Bob Dever

Bob Dever
VP Marketing

Bob has 20+ years of technology marketing experience, including leadership roles at Digital Domain, Perforce and AmberPoint. He loves talking with customers, analysts and media about tech trends and use cases. Away from work he can be found backpacking and skiing the Sierras with his family, though he spends most weekends working on home improvement projects.

Eyal Gutkind
VP of Solutions

Eyal Gutkind is a solution architect for Scylla. Prior to Scylla Eyal held product management roles at Mirantis and DataStax. Prior to DataStax Eyal spent 12 years with Mellanox Technologies in various engineering management and product marketing roles.Eyal holds a BSc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Israel and MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, North Carolina.

Julia Angell
Director of Marketing

Julia loves creating positive experiences for customers. She has spent the last 10 years leading a fast-paced team of high tech marketers. A results-driven player-coach, she’s also happy to roll up her sleeves to get the job done, whether it’s devising digital marketing programs, informative and relevant content, compelling events and webinars, engaging designs, or effective communications.

Takuya Asada
Software Developer

Takuya Asada is a system software developer interested in operating system development, especially high-speed networking and virtualization. In the past he worked on BSD based router firmware development, researched performance improvement of high-speed networking on Linux/FreeBSD, and developed L2 protocol of server-centric network on Linux kernel.

Inna Belkin Bakalinsky
Office Administrator

Inna is responsible for the administration and welfare aspects of all ScyllaDB employees around the world. With a BA in social studies and a master’s degree in nonprofit management, Inna has diverse administrative and financial experience in nonprofit organizations and knows a thing or two about patent applications. A strong believer in impacting social change through technology and art, Inna loves to make people laugh and enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family.


Shlomo Balalis

Shlomo Balalis
QA Engineer

Shlomo was recently released from the military, where he served as a Python programmer for monitoring and control of intelligence systems. You won’t catch him working without his headphones on, and in his free time, he enjoys gaming and animation shows.


Raphael Carvalho
Software Developer

Raphael S. Carvalho is a computer programmer who loves open source, and especially kernel programming. He has worked on bringing new file system support as well as allowing multiple file systems to co-exist, so-called MultiFS support, for the open source project Syslinux. Needless to say, he has mostly been working on SSTable handling for ScyllaDB.


Peter Corless

Peter Corless
Technical Marketing Manager

Peter has a 29-year career in Silicon Valley that threads through stints at e2f, Aerospike, Cisco and Apple. He is passionate about technology, customer success, engendering community, and social media. In his off hours he enjoys playing 4X strategy games.

Roy Dahan
QA Manager

Roy has over of 10 years of experience testing large-scale distributed systems, with a focus on storage/data systems, and managing small to large teams responsible for all testing aspects using a highly automated approach.

Botond Dénes
Software Developer

Botond is a software engineer who has worked in a range of roles from web-developer to backend developer in a range of industries from railway automation to finance. He loves programming and solving challenging problems with elegant code, open-source software, Linux, and C++. What he likes best about working here is that Scylla is made up of that entire list.

Paweł Dziepak
Software Developer

Paweł Dziepak is a software developer working on ScyllaDB. He is interested in, among others, distributed systems. Previously he has been contributing to Haiku, an operating system targeting personal computers, and worked on an NFS client.

Pekka Enberg
Software Developer

Pekka Enberg is a software engineer currently working on ScyllaDB. He has been a Linux kernel contributor for the past 10 years and has worked on various other open source projects. He has extensive background in UNIX kernels and the JVM.

Nick Fuentes

Nick Fortes
Sales Development Representatiive

Nick is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has spent his career finding solutions to complex problems in many fields including tech, health care, real estate, and advertising. He joined the ScyllaDB team after stints with Autodesk and Sumo Logic. In his spare time, Nick loves to golf, brew beer, cook, cycle, and race on his driving simulator.

Israel Fruchter

Israel Fruchter
Software Developer

Israel spent the last 13 years building and testing video entertainment software for leading broadcasting companies around the world. He swears by Python code and follows the Python community. He spends his free time watching science fiction TV shows.

Moreno Garcia
Solution Architect

Moreno Garcia is a problem solver by talent and trade. He has worked in IT for 15 years, the last five as a solution architect. An open source software enthusiast, Moreno loves applying new technology to solve old problems, and hates acronyms with a passion.

Fabio Gelcer

Fabio Gelcer
QA Automation Engineer

Fabio has been working as a QA and Automation Engineer for almost 10 years in the storage space, most recently at Excelero, a software-based hyper-converged storage system based on NVMe and Infiniband. He is excited to be at an open source company, loves technology and finding solutions to problems, and believes that new technologies can solve old problems.

Yaron Gilor

Yaron Gilor
QA Developer

Yaron has many years of experience in quality assurance in the storage industry, particularly enjoying being a part of the contribution of automation testing to product maturity. Before ScyllaDB, he worked at Dell EMC ScaleIO as an automation test developer.

Tomasz Grabiec
Distinguished Engineer

Tomasz Grabiec is a software engineer currently working on ScyllaDB and Seastar. Prior to that, he worked on the OSv unikernel. Before joining ScyllaDB he worked on systems built in Java technology for UBS IB and Sabre Holdings. He was a contributor to the Jato JVM project.

Maheedhar Gunturu

Maheedhar Gunturu
Solutions Architect

Prior to ScyllaDB, Maheedhar held senior roles both in engineering and sales organizations. He has over a decade of experience designing & developing server-side applications in the cloud and working on big data and ETL frameworks in companies such as Samsung, MapR, Apple, VoltDB, Zscaler and Qualcomm. He holds a masters in Electrical and computer engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Benny Halevy

Benny Halevy
R&D Group Manager

Benny Halevy leads the storage software development team at ScyllaDB. Benny has been working on operating systems and distributed file systems for over 20 years. Most recently, Benny led software development for GSI Technology, providing a hardware/software solution for deep learning and similarity search using in-memory computing technology. Previously, Benny co-founded Tonian (later acquired by Primary Data) and led it as CTO, developing a distributed file server based on the pNFS protocol delivering highly scalable performance and dynamic, out-of-band data placement control. Before Tonian, Benny was the lead architect in Panasas of the pNFS protocol.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall
User Success Manager

Chris spent the first 15 years of his professional career at AT&T working with the National Business team and AT&T University. He moved from New Jersey to California in 2012 and spends his personal time exploring the world with family, playing basketball or searching for a great slice of pizza!

Nadav Har’El
Distinguished Engineer

Nadav Har’El has had a diverse 20-year career in computer programming and computer science. In the past he worked on scientific computing, networking software, and information retrieval, but in recent years his focus has been on virtualization and operating systems, and among other things he has worked on nested virtualization and exit-less I/O in KVM, and today he maintains the OSv kernel and also works on Seastar and ScyllaDB.

Noam Hasson
Software Developer

Noam Hasson has over 15 years of experience in software development, starting with web development and moving into big data six years ago. After 6 years of working with Cassandra, he is excited to join the team that develops Scylla.

Asias He
Software Developer

Asias He is a software developer with over 10 years of experience in programming. In the past, he worked on Debian Project, Solaris Kernel, KVM Virtualization for Linux, OSv unikernel. He now works on Seastar and ScyllaDB.

Amnon Heiman
Software Developer

Amnon has 15 years of experience in software development of large scale systems. Previously he worked at Convergin, which was acquired by Oracle. Amnon holds a BA and MSc in Computer Science from the Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Kevin Hubbert
Corporate Account Executive

Kevin loves helping his customers win. He has been responsible for growing both Enterprise and Community awareness with such companies as DataStax, Aerospike, GridGain and now ScyllaDB. He is a life long California coastal resident, living in Pacifica with his family.

Aleksandar Janković

Aleksandar Janković
Software Engineer

Aleksandar has had a 10-year career in software development and systems engineering. Prior to joining ScyllaDB, he worked in international shipping, telecom, bioinformatics, and Salesforce domains. He’s a Go enthusiast with special interest in concurrent systems, static analysis, and testing practices. At ScyllaDB he is working on software for administration and automation of Scylla database clusters.

Piotr Jastrzebski

Piotr Jastrzebski
Software Developer

Piotr is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience in programming. Previously he worked for a hedge fund called Two Sigma on alpha/system models execution infrastructure and for Google on Android Java Runtime and Google Search on Android. Piotr holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw.

Rafał Jęczalik

Rafał Jęczalik
Software Developer

Rafal is a software developer with a background in systems programming and cloud operations. As a contributor and a maintainer of open source projects, he has helped build a license server and a license monitor, a video transcoding platform, a FUSE filesystem and a cloud orchestration service.

Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson
Software Engineer

Henrik is a software engineer working on Scylla management. He’s a Go enthusiast and long time Linux user. He has a background in Physics but has worked professionally as an engineer with backend development for the past 18 years.

Yaron Kaikov

Yaron Kaikov
Release Engineer

Yaron has 9 years of experience in DevOps and Linux administration. Before joining ScyllaDB, he worked at GSI Technology as Devops tech lead. In his free time, Yaron enjoys running and swimming.

Amos Kong
Software Developer

Amos Kong is a software engineer who has contributed to Linux kernel, KVM virtualization, and the Autotest framework. He likes the free, open and sharing spirit in communities, and now joins in ScyllaDB to build the best database.

Tzach Livyatan
Product Manager

Tzach Livyatan has a B.A. and MSc in Computer Science (Technion, Summa Cum Laude), and has had a 15 year career in development, system engineering and product management. In the past he worked in the Telecom domain, focusing on carrier grade systems, signalling, policy and charging applications.

Bentsi Magidovich
Software Engineer

Bentsi is a Software Engineer with a wide range of experience in Software Engineering, QA automation, DevOps and Agile Scrum methodology. Previously he worked at Weka.IO, the distributed file system startup as a QA SW developer and is a big fan of Open Source and Python. He studied Computer Science at HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) and holds B.Sc. degree.

Michal Matczuk
Software Engineer

Michal is a software engineer working on Scylla management. He’s a Go enthusiast and contributor to many open source projects. He has a background in network programming. Prior joining ScyllaDB he worked with StratoScale and NTT.

Greg Matza
Enterprise Account Executive

In the few hours a day when Greg Matza is not advocating for Scylla adoption, you can probably find him either writing a cookbook or enjoying a nap – while dreaming of either Scylla or cookbooks. Greg has been selling various software and services around Silicon Valley for over 15 years, and looks forward to working with you on your next use case.


Nir Mayaan
Solution Architect

Nir brings customer care experience to ScyllaDB. Prior to joining ScyllaDB he worked with companies from variety of fields including cloud, telecom and databases. In his free time he enjoys sport activities such as snowboarding, mountain biking and spend time with his family.

Steve Muricchio

Steve Muricchio
Enterprise Account Manager

Steve is a customer success and use case focused sales executive with over 20 years of experience evangelizing leading edge technology and solutions for fast-growing startups within the big data, middleware, open source, security and telecom space. A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Steve spends his free time with his family doing their favorite outdoor activities and adventures including skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and traveling.

Chris Nadeau
Enterprise Account Executive

Chris has over 20 years of technical procurement and sales experience covering North America, EMEA and APAC. After living in Boston, NYC, Chicago, L.A., and Belgium, he has made the San Francisco Bay Area his permanent home. When not at work he enjoys martial arts, sky-diving, Great White Shark diving, game hunting, fly-fishing and riding his Harley.


Gleb Natapov
Distinguished Engineer

Gleb Natapov is a long-time open source developer who previously worked on the open source routing suite “Zebra”, the OpenMPI HPC library, KVM hypervisor for Linux, the OSv unikernel, and now ScyllaDB.

Karin Nidam
Operations Manager

Karin is responsible for both the Israeli head office and the US subsidiary for legal, tax and financial matters. With a degree in management and communication, Karin has managed various projects in her career, including serving as CEO of the Israel Equestrian Federation. She was the first ever that organizer and producer of the Equestrian disciplines events during the “Maccabiah” Games in 2013. In her free time, Karin enjoys horse-riding, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Laura Novich
Technical Writer Manager

Laura has 15 years of documentation experience for start-ups and fortune 500 companies alike. Before joining ScyllaDB, Laura was a technical writer at Verint Systems and Red Hat where she documented for the KVM and Fedora projects. She is passionate about open source projects, innovation, and special needs children. Laura has presented at technical writing conferences, contributed to the Open Source magazine, and is currently writing her first book.

Duarte Nunes
Software Developer

Duarte Nunes is a Software Engineer working on ScyllaDB. He has a background in concurrent programming, distributed systems and low-latency software. Prior to ScyllaDB, he worked on MidoNet, an open source distributed network virtualization platform, making it fast and scalable.

Juliana Oliveira

Juliana Oliveira
Field Engineer

Juliana is a computer programmer and a long-time free and open source software enthusiast. Her interests involve operating and distributed systems. She has contributed to the Debian project and worked with many shiny new technologies.

Jack Pavlov

Jack Pavlov
Enterprise Sales Development Representative

Jack has been an enthusiast and evangelist for technology since he could string together sentences. He finds that it is at the intersection of technology and society that he has the greatest impact. Outside of breathing ScyllaDB, Jack enjoys spending time growing his relationships, learning consistently, and sharing the smaller pleasures of life with friends and family!

Tomer Sandler
Customer Success Manager

Tomer Sandler joined ScyllaDB as a solution architect after a 12 year career in SW Quality Engineering, mostly in storage and telecom lawful interception domains. Prior to ScyllaDB, Tomer held various QA management roles at Dell EMC, leading a group of QA engineers and information developers for ScaleIO storage, and at VERINT, as Senior QA engineer working with U.S. and Spanish Law Enforcement Agencies customers engagement experience. In his free time he enjoys hiking, playing the saxophone, spending time with his family and last but not least engaging in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) research.

Piotr Sarna
Software Engineer

Piotr is a software engineer very keen on open-source projects and C++. He previously developed an open-source distributed file system (LizardFS) and had a brief adventure with Linux kernel during an apprenticeship at Samsung Electronics. Piotr graduated from University of Warsaw with MSc in Computer Science.


Michael Schulman

Michael Schulman
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michael has worked his entire career in Silicon Valley, working at companies such as Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and most recently Oracle. He has specialized in the marketing of highly technical products to a wide range of users. For much of his career, he was involved with products for High Performance Computing. In his free time he plays ice hockey and referees youth soccer.

Adam Schwartz
Corporate Account Executive

With a background in customer service and sales at organizations from AT&T to DataStax, Adam now works in sales at ScyllaDB. A graduate in business from Menlo College, Adam is a big fan of NoSQL databases like Cassandra, especially Scylla, believing Scylla is paving the way for the future of the NoSQL database. For fun, he enjoys skiing, golf, hiking, camping, taking pictures with my iPhone, and playing chess.

Sea Monster

Hagit bio pic

Hagit Segev
Release Manager

Hagit has 18 years of experience in software configuration/build management. Previously she worked at Sanctum, which was acquired by Watchfire and later on by IBM, and at Barclays Bank RnD center in Israel. Hagit holds a BA in Computer Science and management from the Open University of Israel. In her free time Hagit enjoys playing the drums, reading, making hand crafts, and traveling with her family in Israel and abroad.


Guy Shtub bio pic

Guy Shtub
Training Product Lead

Guy is experienced in creating products that people love. Previously he co-founded two start-ups. Outside of the office, you can find him climbing, juggling and generally getting off the beaten path. Guy holds a B.SC. degree in Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

Eliran Sinvani

Eliran Sinvani
Software Team Leader

Eliran has 6 years of experience developing real-time and Linux-based embedded systems. He started at Marvell as an L1 comm stack engineer and most recently was a low-level infrastructure team leader at Airspan where he was involved in the hardware and software planning and execution of the second generation of Sprint MagicBox. Eliran has a BSc in electronics and computer engineering. In his spare time, he creates simulations and games for VR systems and tinkers with open-source embedded projects such as Arduino, NodeMCU, and others.

Ellen Trieu
Marketing Operations Manager

Ellen has spent the last 8 years working with marketing and sales teams on marketing automation, analytics, digital marketing, and sales and marketing alignment. In her free time she enjoys traveling, gardening, and martial arts.

Larisa Ustalov
Automation Engineer

Larisa has more than 15 years of experience in the development of test automation frameworks and various tools. Previously she worked in storage and virtualization projects at Red Hat and EMC. Larisa believes there is a big future for NoSQL databases!

Colin Walsh
Enterprise Account Executive

Colin really enjoys working in a start-up environment, participating at early stage to grow a great concept to a market-proven product. I like all things mechanical, Bonsai gardening, spending as much time with my family as possible and eating (and to a lesser extent, cooking). I grew up in the Frozen Tundra and will never again reside in a cold climate. I currently live in Orinda, CA after spending 10 years in San Francisco.

Calle Wilund
Software Developer

Co-founder of Appeal Virtual Machines and one of the principal architects behind the JRockit JVM, Calle Wilund has an extensive background in software development, specializing in virtual machines, compiler technologies and high performance computing as well as systems manageability.

Yulia Yakovlev
QA Engineer

Yulia’s experience involves testing of ETL processes, DB performance and storage products. She enjoys searching and identifying problems, investigating the causes, and understanding the source. A big fan of python programming, Yulia believes that automation of testing improves and speeds up the test process.
Dan Yasny

Dan Yasny
Head of Support

Before ScyllaDB, Dan worked in various roles such as sysadmin, quality engineering, product management, tech support, integration and DevOps around mainly open source technology, at companies such as Red Hat and Dell.

Vladislav Zolotarov
Software Developer

Vlad specializes in networking, mostly L2. He has worked at on projects for Mellanox, the bnx2x Linux device driver for Broadcom, and on the ScaleMP Virtual Device System for network interfaces. Vlad studied at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science.

Orit Zeltzer-Niv
HR & Recruitment Manager

Orit has over 10 years of experience in managing recruitment processes for technical positions. With a BA in Sociology & Gender studies and an MA in communication, Orit has managed a recruitment team and is experienced in recruitment processes in a variety of fields. In her free time, Orit enjoys playing sports and spending time with her family.

Benny Schnaider

Benny Schnaider is a high-tech serial entrepreneur. Benny was the CEO and co-founder of Qumranet (KVM) acquired by Red Hat, the CEO and founder of PentaCom Ltd. (network product provider) acquired by Cisco, and the co-founder and board member of P-Cube (developer of IP service control platforms) acquired by Cisco. Recently he co-founded Ravello systems and serves as its president and board chairman.

Benny also invests and serves as a board member in several start-ups. Traffix Systems (acquired by F5 in 2012) and B-Hive (acquired by VMware in 2008), OptiCul Diagnostics and Colabo. Benny has held senior management, engineering and strategic roles at many Silicon-Valley based companies including Cisco Systems, Amdahl/Fujitsu, Hitachi, IDT, Sun Microsystems and 3Com. Benny holds a Masters degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

Ariel Maislos
Co-Founder & President of Anobit Technologies

Ariel Maislos is the Co – Founder and President of Anobit Technologies. Prior to Co – Founding Anobit, Mr. Maislos was Co – Founder and President of Passave, which was acquired by PMC Sierra (NASDAQ:PMCS) in 2006. He has filed numerous patents in the fields of signal processing and digital communications, and was an editor of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard.

Amit Karp
VP at Bessemer Venture Partners

Amit Karp, a vice president in BVP Israel’s Herzliya office, joined the firm in 2012. He focuses on investments in the software, mobile and digital media sectors and has been closely involved in Bessemer’s investments in Thinking Phone Networks. He is also actively involved in BVP’s investments in Apperian, Vasona Networks, Syncsort and Perimeter E-Security.

Previously, Amit was a senior associate in McKinsey & Company, advising companies on projects related to IT strategy and Telecom. Amit blogs at

Adam Fisher
A partner at Bessemer Venture Partners

Adam Fisher is a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, where he manages the firm’s Herzliya office focused on investments in Israel and Europe. He joined BVP in 2007 after 9 years with Jerusalem Venture Partners, where he was partner in their New York, Jerusalem and Beijing offices. Adam covers several areas of investment at BVP, including consumer Internet, enterprise SaaS and data center infrastructure, and disruptive technology companies in storage and wireless.

Avi Kivity
CTO of ScyllaDB

Avi Kivity, CTO of ScyllaDB, is known mostly for starting the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) project, the hypervisor underlying many production clouds. He has worked for Qumranet and Red Hat as KVM maintainer until December 2012. Avi is now CTO of ScyllaDB, a company that seeks to bring the same kind of innovation to the public cloud space.

Dor Laor
CEO of ScyllaDB

Dor Laor is the CEO of ScyllaDB. Previously, Dor was part of the founding team of the KVM hypervisor under Qumranet that was acquired by Red Hat. At Red Hat Dor was managing the KVM and Xen development for several years.Dor holds an MSc from the Technion and a Phd in snowboarding.

Yahal Zilka
Co-Founder of Magma Venture Partners

Yahal is the co-founder of Magma Venture Partners. Magma is positioned as the leading Venture Capital Fund in Israel, with numerous success stories that Yahal has led.

Prior to Magma, Yahal served as the CFO of VocalTec Communications from 1995 to 1999, where he was part of the team that pioneered VoIP. Yahal led the company from seed to its public offering on Nasdaq (NASDAQ:CALL).

Yahal is very active with the business development and financing-related activities of the companies that he works with. Yahal led and was on the boards of Waze (acquired by Google), Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Argus (acquired by Continental), DesignArt Networks (acquired by Qualcomm), Phonetic Systems (acquired by Nuance) and Adience (acquired by Teddy Sagi Group). Yahal currently serves as a director on the boards of Valens, Applitools,, Hola, Scylla DB, Gloat and Magisto, among others. He is also an investor in leading companies such as Vayyar, Fundbox, MeMed and Replay (acquired by Intel).

For the past several years, Yahal has been very involved in the automotive and mobility ecosystem, building strong relationships and focusing on the automotive industry as a major investment opportunity. As a part of Magma, Yahal has invested in seven companies focused on the automotive space and autonomous driving enabling technologies, including Waze, Autotalks, Valens, Innoviz, Argus, Iguazio and JpU.

Merav Weinryb
Head of Qualcomm Ventures Israel at Qualcomm Ventures

Merav is the Head of Qualcomm Ventures in Israel. Merav serves as a Board Member/Observer in, Stratoscale, Magisto, Mantis Vision, Medisafe, ScyllaDB, Splacer, TabTale, Tapingo and Zeek. Merav was also a Board Observer at Panoramic Power, which was acquired by Direct Energy, and Corrigon, which was acquired by eBay.

Merav has more than 15 years of high-tech and venture capital experience. Prior to joining Qualcomm Ventures, she was a Director at Intel Capital, and before that a principal at Pitango Venture Capital. During these years, Merav led and was involved in several investments including, Convergin (acquired by Oracle), Boxee (acquired by Samsung), LiveU, ToTango, Kaminario, Forescout and more. Merav holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering (cum laude) from the Technion, and an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Merav is also the founder and is on the steering committee of the Women Founder Forum, an organization that encourages and supports female tech entrepreneurs.

Amir Fridman
Director, Corporate Development and Capital Investments at Western Digital Corporation

Mr. Amir Fridman serves as Director of Western Digital Corporate Business Development and Capital investment in Israel and Europe. Previously, Mr. Fridman served as Director of Corporate Business Development at SanDisk Ventures. In addition, Mr. Fridman has served as SanDisk Director of OEM Strategic Marketing. Before joining SanDisk, he was Director of Strategic Marketing and Product Management at M-Systems Mobile BU.

Mr. Fridman earned his MBA from Tel Aviv University and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Bar Ilan University

Shahar Tzafrir
Managing Partner at TLV Partners

Before joining TLV Partners, Shahar was a general Partner at Magma Venture Partners, in funds III and IV. Shahar led the Investments and Sat on the boards of AIdoc, Guesty, ScyllaDB, Tonkean, Coretigo, WireX and Real. In addition, he led the investments in Argus (acquired by Continental), Applitools, Syte, CloudEndure and Ubeya.

Shahar is a 3X startup founder veteran (1997 – 2011): Federation, acquired by Cordys; Oblicore, acquired by CA; and DigitalFuel, acquired by VMWare.

He is a graduate of the IDF Mamram computer division and holds unit, division and signal & communication corps annual distinction awards. A strong chess player, Shahar has expertise in Advanced Chess – a combination of AI and human play.

Founded in New York in 1911, BVP has funded over 100 start-ups that went on to become independent public companies, among them Skype, Hotjobs, Yelp, Versant (now Symantec), and Staples. From offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Mumbai and Herzliya, BVP today manages more than US$2 billion of venture capital, invested in more than 130 start-ups around the world.

Innovation Endeavors empowers the best and brightest to connect and launch game-changing ventures. Founded in 2010 by Dror Berman and funded by Eric Schmidt, Innovation has backed over 100 entrepreneurs and more than 46 early stage companies. With its open space office in Palo Alto, Innovation Endeavors is changing the way venture capital firms and entrepreneurs interact, embracing fun, accessible, and design-driven entrepreneurship.

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation is the Venture Capital arm of the Samsung Group with offices in Seoul, Silicon Valley, Boston, Israel, London and Tokyo. Samsung Ventures identifies and invests in startup companies focused on semiconductors, IT, software, internet services, biotechnology, contents business, and more. The organization provides seed, early stage, later stage, private equity, and debt financing investments. It also provides professional and services related to R&D, management, IPO, and more.

As the Venture Capital investment group of Qualcomm, the world leader in next-generation mobile technologies, Qualcomm Ventures has been making investments in early-stage technology companies since 2000. Qualcomm Ventures seeks to make strategic investments in high-technology companies that have the potential to dramatically transform our world. For more information please visit

Western Digital Capital is the investment arm of Western Digital Corp., a global provider of products and services that empower people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content. Its companies design and manufacture storage devices and home entertainment products under the WD, SanDisk, HGST and G-Technology brands. Western Digital Capital partners with innovative startups that improve how data is generated, saved, managed, and consumed. We provide the capital, expertise, and connections required to scale the organizations of tomorrow. For more information, please visit our the Western Digital website.

Wing is a purpose-built venture capital firm founded by 2 industry veterans with a different view of what it takes to build enduring companies. Our sole focus is the transformation of Business Technology by the Cloud, Mobility and Data. We commit to our companies in their early stages, but engage for the long term. Our body of work spans two decades and dozens of companies, 16 of which have executed successful IPO’s and achieved market caps in excess of $1 billion. Recent examples of our work include FireEye, Mobile Iron, Nimble Storage, Opower and Ruckus Wireless. Helping build companies like these is our singular purpose at Wing.

Magma is a leading venture capital firm founded in 1999 with over $500 million under management. Magma specializes in investments in early stage companies developing innovative technologies in sectors such as Software/Platform/ Infrastructure as a service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), data storage, cyber security, internet, mobile, cloud and new media. Magma focuses on Israeli-related opportunities and helps to build companies that target global markets and create industry leading success stories. Notable exits include: Waze (acquired by Google), Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Provigent (acquired by Broadcom), Wintegra (acquired by PMC-Sierra), DesignArt (acquired by Qualcomm) and others. For more information, please visit

TLV Partners is an early stage VC with $270M under management. TLV Partners is about pursuing our dream to build the best home for Israeli entrepreneurs. We invest in early stage startups and help them grow, excel in and lead new markets.

Our core belief is that entrepreneurs – not VCs – build great companies. Our Job is to empower you.

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