Scylla Enterprise

The world’s fastest NoSQL database for the Enterprise

Scylla Enterprise, based on the Scylla Open Source project, includes a Scylla Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support that guarantees that you have access to the engineers who developed Scylla, and more.

What's Inside?

Production Scylla Release

Built on field-proven Scylla Open Source, Scylla Enterprise includes quality assurance testing, scale, and performance testing, supported OS validation, back-porting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and security checks. The Scylla Enterprise release includes quality assurance testing, scale, and performance testing, supported OS validation, backporting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and security checks

Cluster Administration and Task Automation

Scylla Manager provides centralized cluster administration and recurrent tasks automation, including automation of periodic repair. Future releases will provide rolling upgrades, recurrent backup, and more.

24/7 Mission Critical Support

ScyllaDB delivers expert support and services for your Scylla systems production and staging, ensuring your critical systems are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With ScyllaDB support, you have direct access to the Scylla development team—the same team who builds and develops the Scylla code base.

Bug Escalation

The ScyllaDB team prioritizes customer issues discovered in Scylla Enterprise compared to other bugs.

Hot Fixes

Scylla Enterprise clients who experience critical issues receive, when required, a temporary customized patched version of Scylla Enterprise to deploy back to production. A long-term fix for the issue will be rolled out as part of a formal release as soon as possible.

Long-Term Support

While Scylla Open Source releases are supported and maintained for the last two minor releases (approximately 2-3 months), Scylla Enterprise customers receive long-term support and upgrades for previous releases.

Commercial License

Scylla Enterprise comes with a Proprietary License, compare to Scylla Open Source project Affero GPL v. 3.0 (AGPL) license.

Scylla Enterprise Roadmap

The Scylla Enterprise roadmap includes exclusive enterprise features, including additional security features, Apache Cassandra-to-Scylla migration tools, an improved Compaction Strategy, an intuitive web console for Scylla Manager, and more.

Future Security enhancements for Scylla Enterprise include Auditing, Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), Kerberos and LDAP integration, and encryption at REST.

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Scylla Open Source

Scylla Enterprise

Clustering/resilienceOpen SourceEnterprise
Apache Cassandra compatibilityOpen SourceEnterprise
Production Scylla ReleaseOpen SourceEnterprise
Mission Critical SupportOpen SourceEnterprise
Bug EscalationOpen SourceEnterprise
Hot FixesOpen SourceEnterprise
Long Term SupportOpen SourceEnterprise
Customer Success ProgramOpen SourceEnterprise
Professional ServicesOpen SourceEnterprise
Scylla Administration ServerOpen SourceEnterprise
Enterprise-Level SecurityOpen SourceEnterprise
License TypeOpen SourceAGPL v. 3.0EnterpriseScyllaDB Proprietary

ScyllaDB Enterprise edition is permitted under active subscription or for a limited 30-day period.

Who's Using Scylla?


Customer Success Program

To help Scylla Enterprise customers be as successful as possible, we offer Scylla Professional Services and Training.

Scylla Professional Services

  • Guidance on deploying and running Scylla on production
  • Help in sizing and deployment plans
  • Suggestions on choosing the best hardware and operating system combination for your needs
  • Assistance in data modeling and query planning

Scylla Training

Our training courses are designed for DBAs, System Engineers, Developers, and Architects to learn an overview of NoSQL and Scylla in depth. In the course, participants will learn the Scylla Architecture and important concepts such as installation, monitoring, and the advantages of using Scylla.

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