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Benefit from high throughput, scalability and efficient storage for data-intensive applications.

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Reduce latency to milliseconds with reliable p99 performance for lightning fast data processing.

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Enjoy consistent, predictable and transparent pricing with no surprises or unexpected charges.

vs. DynamoDB

20x ScyllaDB demonstrated up to 20x better throughput in the hot-partition test with better latency numbers.

vs. MongoDB

20x ScyllaDB provides up to 20x higher throughput with near linear throughput scalability compared to MongoDB.

vs. Cassandra

8x ScyllaDB has up to 8x better throughput than Cassandra 4.0 on the same 3-node cluster, while P99 < 10 ms.

vs. DynamoDB

4x ScyllaDB has up to 4x better latency performance than DynamoDB, across a wide variety of workload conditions.

vs. MongoDB

68x 68x ScyllaDB provides up to 68x better P99 latency performance for insert, read and write operations compared to MongoDB.

vs. Cassandra

5x ScyllaDB handles up to 5x more traffic with lower latency than Cassandra, with admin tasks also up to 4x faster.

vs. DynamoDB

7x Total cost of ownership for ScyllaDB is up to 7x cheaper than DynamoDB for high throughput, low latency workloads.

vs. MongoDB

19x ScyllaDB performance to cost ratio is up to 19x more efficient based on operations per dollar compared to MongoDB.

vs. Cassandra

2.5x A 40 TB cluster is 2.5x cheaper with ScyllaDB while providing 42% more throughput under P99 latency of 10 ms.

ScyllaDB delivers lightning-fast performance at a fraction of the cost, making it a better choice than DynamoDB’s limited features.

ScyllaDB offers superior scalability, low latency, and high availability, making it the clear choice for high-performance, real-time applications.

ScyllaDB offers superior performance, reliability, and ease of use for modern workloads, with more exclusive features and extensions than Cassandra.

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