Scylla is an open source NoSQL database that manages your data faster and with lower latency and higher throughput than Apache Cassandra. Scylla Enterprise offers enterprise-only features and dedicated support. See how they compare and contact us for pricing information.

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Clustering/resilienceOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
Apache Cassandra compatibilityOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
Scylla ManagerOpen SourceLimit 5 NodesEnterpriseEnterprise

Advanced Features

  • Workload Prioritization
  • Auditing
  • In-Memory Tables
  • Automatic Repair
Open SourceEnterpriseScylla Cloud
Long-term release supportOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
Hot fixes for critical issuesOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
24×7 mission critical supportOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
Bug escalationOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
Fully Managed Cloud ServiceOpen SourceEnterpriseEnterprise
LicenseOpen SourceAGPL v. 3.0EnterpriseScyllaDB ProprietaryEnterpriseScyllaDB Proprietary
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