Scylla Manager & Scylla Monitoring Stack

Scylla Manager

Centralizing cluster administration and automating recurrent tasks, Scylla Manager brings greater predictability and control to Scylla-based environments. It is available to all Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Open Source customers and can also be downloaded as part of our free 30-day trial.

Scylla Manager is a centralized cluster administration and recurrent tasks automation tool. Scylla Manager 1.x includes automation of periodic repair, with future releases providing more capabilities, such as rolling upgrades, recurrent backup, and more. With time, Scylla Manager will become the focal point of Scylla Enterprise Cluster Management, including a GUI frontend.

Scylla Manager includes three main parts:

  • A Go-based server
  • sctool, a CLI designed for the Scylla Manager server
  • A highly available data store, providing persistence and stability

The server securely interacts with one or more Scylla clusters, learns the cluster topology, and runs cluster-wide tasks in a controlled and predictable way. A user can use the sctool utility to initiate and schedule management operations, including monitoring and suspension.

To provide high-availability (HA), Scylla Manager is designed to be stateless and thus uses Scylla for its data persistence. By default, Scylla Manager installs one local node of Scylla as its backend. For an HA management solution, we recommend using a multi-node Scylla cluster as a backend. Although it is possible, we do not recommend using the managed Scylla cluster to serve as a Scylla Manager backend.

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Scylla Monitoring Stack

Scylla Monitoring Stack is a free open source software stack for monitoring Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Open Source databases. It is based on open source products Prometheus (for collecting metrics) and Grafana (for displaying the metrics). Scylla Monitoring Stack allows you to easily and quickly understand the current and past behavior of your running Scylla cluster. With better insight into how your database is performing, you are better able to identify bottlenecks and determine if your application and data models are performing optimally.

Scylla Monitoring Stack comes with a number of predefined dashboards that can present both high-level and deep-level views of the cluster status. Hundreds of metrics can be displayed, including latencies, cache hits, throughput, disk activity and more. Scylla Monitoring Stack is installed along with Prometheus and Grafana as its own stand-alone monitoring application. If Prometheus and/or Grafana are already part of a customer’s infrastructure, Scylla Monitoring Stack scripts can be installed and configured to use the existing software.

Scylla Monitoring Stack 2.1 supports:

  • Scylla Open Source 2.3, 3.0
  • Scylla Enterprise 2018.x
  • Scylla Manager 1.3.x
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