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Scylla Manager

Simplified management of Scylla scale-out clusters

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Operations teams can quickly schedule recurring tasks such as node rebuilds and repairs across their cluster. A single instance of Scylla Manager is able to manage clusters spread across multiple regions and datacenters.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization from data loss caused during unexpected incidents. Scylla Manager lets Operations teams automate database backups to AWS S3. Team can quickly restore data after an outage, reducing unnecessary downtime.
Scylla Manager aggregates performance data across the cluster and makes it available in Prometheus format. Automatic topology discovery using node agents simplifies setup and management. Deploying Scylla Monitoring Stack alongside Scylla Manager empowers operations teams to track real-time metrics using out of the box Grafana dashboards.

Faster Troubleshooting

Historical and real-time charts help teams troubleshoot issues related to metrics such as latency, request timeouts, and cache hits. Quickly identify real-time database loads and currently running background processes. Teams are able to easily find and fix issues that may require table repairs, node rebuilds, or instance restarts to maintain service level agreements (SLAs).


Scylla Manager is a lightweight stateless Go application that uses Scylla as its persistent store. A Scylla Agent runs alongside each Scylla database on the node to collect local database metrics/information and send them to Scylla Manager over HTTPS. Operations teams can centrally interact with all nodes of the Scylla cluster through Scylla Manager’s sctool.


Scylla Manager is free to use for all customers up to 5 nodes for clusters built with Scylla Open Source. Customers using Scylla Enterprise can connect an unlimited number of nodes with clusters deployed across multiple datacenters.
Open Source Enterprise
Max Nodes 5 Unlimited
Prometheus Metrics
S3 Backups

Deploy with Docker

Quickly deploy Scylla Manager using docker


Read the documentation for additional information to get started.

Find out what’s new in Scylla Manager 2.0.

Learn how to use Scylla Manager for repairs at Scylla University.

Download Scylla Manager for Scylla open Source

Scylla Monitoring Stack is a complete set of out of the box dashboards for your team.

Read the full release notes for Scylla Manager.
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