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ScyllaDB Branding

Download our logos, get the right Sea Monster for the job, and find out once and for all how to pronounce “Scylla.”

Logo and Mascot Usage Guidelines

Feel free to:

  • Use the logos to link to the ScyllaDB website
  • Use the product mascots to represent your integration with Scylla
  • Use the logos and mascots in a blog post or news item about our products
  • Use the logos and mascots in a presentation about our products

But please do not:

  • Create any modified versions of the logos or mascots
  • Integrate our logos or mascots into your own logo
  • Change the colors, dimensions, or add your own text or images

Horizontal Logo

Vertical Logo
Scylla Open Source Mascot
Scylla Open Source
Scylla Enterprise Mascot
Scylla Enterprise
Scylla Manager Mascot
Scylla Manager
Scylla Monitoring Stack Mascot
Scylla Monitoring Stack
Scylla Operator Mascot
Scylla Operator
Scylla Alternator Mascot
Scylla Alternator
Scylla Cloud Mascot
Scylla Cloud
Scylla Drivers Mascot
Scylla Drivers
Scylla Technical Support Mascot
Scylla Technical Support
Scylla University Mascot
Scylla University
Scylla Number One Mascot
Scylla Number One
Scylla United Mascot
Scylla United

How to Pronounce Scylla


Depending on your native language, there are many ways to pronounce Scylla, the sea monster from Greek mythology.

Our preferred pronunciation is SILL-ah.

Watch this video to see how Scylla users pronounce it.