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Meetup: Big Data Montreal – Real-time big data at scale: 1M queries/s with single-digit millisecond latency

Glauber Costa, VP Field Engineering at ScyllaDBMina Naguib, Site Reliability Engineering Team Leader, AdGear


From Elasticsearch to Scylla at Zenly | Scylla Summit 2017

Jean-Baptiste Dalido, Head of


How to Save Latency and Money with Scylla | Scylla Summit 2017

Lukasz Pachciarek, Database Administrator & Szymon Szymanski, System AdministratorAllegro Group


Running a Soft Real-time Service at One Million QPS | Scylla Summit 2017

David Haguenauer, Software engineer - DataAdGear


How to Ruin Performance by Choosing the Wrong Compaction Strategy | Scylla Summit 2017

Nadav Har'El , Raphael Carvalho, Software EngineersScyllaDB


Snapfish’s Journey Towards Scylla | Scylla Summit 2017

Brent Williams, EngineerSnap Fish


Intel Optane SSDs as the New Accelerator in Your Data Center | Scylla Summit 2017

Frank Ober, Tomer Sandler, Solutions ArchitectsIntel


Running Scylla on Samsung NVMe Z-SSDs | Scylla Summit 2017

Arash Rezaei,Senior Performance Architect


Scalable Secondary Indexes | Scylla Summit 2017

Pekka Enberg, Software EngineerScyllaDB


Scylla on Kubernetes | Scylla Summit 2017

Jesse Harber-Kucharsky, Software DeveloperScyllaDB


Scylla’s Open Source Monitoring Solution | Scylla Summit 2017

Tzach Livyatan, Product ManagerScyllaDB


Distributed Materialized Views | Scylla Summit 2017

Duarte Nunes, Software EngineerScyllaDB


Scylla Enterprise Managed Repair | Scylla Summit 2017

Yuval Zholkover, Software DeveloperScyllaDB


Scylla Summit 2017 Keynote : NextGen NoSQL Part 1

Benny Schnaider, ChairmanScyllaDB


Scylla for Mass Simultaneous Sensor Data Processing of MES | Scylla Summit 2017

Kuyul Noh, Principal Engineer, Junghyun Park, Senior EngineerSamsung SDS


Using Scylla for Page Context Categorization at Rocket Fuel | Scylla Summit 2017

Andrej Chu, Lubos Kosco, Senior Rocket ScientistsRocketFuel


Learn How to Build a Time Series Database | Scylla Summit 2017

Brian Hawkins, Staff EngineerProofpoint


The Upcoming HPC Evolution | Scylla Summit 2017

Joshi Fullop, HPC ScientistLos Alamos


SMF: The Fastest RPC in the West | Scylla Summit 2017

Alexander Gallego, Principal Software EngineerAkamai


Streaming ETL in Kafka for Everyone with KSQL | Scylla Summit 2017

Hojjat Jafarpour, Software EngineerConfluent


Scylla and Cassandra at Kenshoo | Scylla Summit 2016

Noam Hasson, Engineer, Kenshoo

23 min

Analytics Scylla Presto

Analytics Show Time: Spark and Presto Powered by Scylla | Scylla Summit 2016

Tzach Livyatan, ScyllaDBEyal Gutkind, ScyllaDB

24 min

Outbrain Case Study | Scylla Summit 2016

Shalom Yershalmy, Production Engineer, OutbrainShlomi Livne, VP R&D, ScyllaDB

22 min

Graph Processing with Titan and ScyllaDB with Jason Plurad, IBM Graph | Scylla Summit 2016

Jason Purad, Software Engineer, IBM Open Technology Committer, Apache TinkerPop

29 min

Using ScyllaDB for a Microservice-based Pipeline in Go | Scylla Summit 2016

Henrik Johansson, Senior Developer, Eniro Initiatives

26 min