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Our Top NoSQL Blogs of the Year: Rust, Raft, MongoDB, Books & Tablets

As 2023 draws to a close, let’s take a moment to look back at our top 10 NoSQL blogs written this year – plus 10 “timeless classics” that continue to attract attention.

Before we start, a heartfelt thanks to the many community members who contributed to our blogs in various ways – from customers sharing best practices at ScyllaDB Summit, to open source contributors and ScyllaDB engineers explaining how they raised the bar on what’s possible for NoSQL performance, to anyone who has initiated or contributed to the discussion on Hacker News, Reddit, and other platforms.

Drumroll, please! Here are the most-read NoSQL blogs that we published in 2023:

Introducing “Database Performance at Scale”: A Free, Open Source Book

By Dor Laor

Introducing a new book that provides practical guidance for understanding the opportunities, trade-offs, and traps you might encounter while trying to optimize data-intensive applications for high throughput and low latency.


Why ScyllaDB is Moving to a New Replication Algorithm: Tablets

By Tomasz Grabiec

How moving from Vnode-based replication to tablets helps dynamically distribute data across the cluster, ultimately increasing ScyllaDB’s elasticity.


Top Mistakes with ScyllaDB: Storage

By Felipe Cardeneti Mendes

All about disk types, best practices, common misconceptions, filesystem types, RAID setups, tunable parameters, and what makes disks so special in the context of databases.


When to Use ScyllaDB vs MongoDB: Lessons Learned From 5+ Years in Production

By Cynthia Dunlop

Numberly has been using both ScyllaDB and MongoDB in production for 5+ years. Learn which NoSQL database they rely on for different use cases and why.


Benchmarking MongoDB vs ScyllaDB: Performance, Scalability & Cost

By Dr. Daniel Seybold

Dr. Daniel Seybold shares how MongoDB and ScyllaDB compare on throughput, latency, scalability, and price-performance in this third-party benchmark by benchANT.


How Numberly Replaced Kafka with a Rust-Based ScyllaDB Shard-Aware Application

By Alexys Jacob

How Numberly used Rust & ScyllaDB to replace Kafka, streamlining the way all its AdTech components send and track messages (whatever their form).


ScyllaDB Open Source Release NotesScyllaDB Open Source 5.2: With Raft-Based Schema Management

By Tzach Livyatan

ScyllaDB 5.2 introduces Raft-based strongly consistent schema management, DynamoDB Alternator TTL, and many more improvements and bug fixes.


5 Intriguing ScyllaDB Capabilities You Might Have Overlooked

By Felipe Cardeneti Mendes

A look at 5 “hidden gem” ScyllaDB capabilities that help ScyllaDB power users: workload prioritization, heat-weighted load balancing, per shard concurrency limit, per partition rate limit, and bypass cache.


MongoDB vs Postgres vs ScyllaDB: Tractian’s Benchmarking and Migration

By João Pedro Voltani and João Granzotti

TRACTIAN shares their comparison of ScyllaDB vs MongoDB and PostgreSQL, then provides an overview of their MongoDB to ScyllaDB migration process, challenges & results.


Rust in the Real World: Super Fast Data Ingestion Using ScyllaDB

By Javier Ramos

A walk through of a real-world use case where 1) You have hierarchical or graph data stored in an S3 data lake, 2) You need to ingest it with high throughput and speed into ScyllaDB, and 3) You need to traverse or search the graph very fast.


Bonus: Top NoSQL Database Blogs From Years Past

Many of the blogs published in previous years continued to resonate with the community. Here’s a rundown of 10 enduring favorites:




  • The Taming of the B-Trees  (Pavel “Xemul” Emelyanov) – Discover how and why ScyllaDB engineers implemented B-tree and B+-tree data structures in their NoSQL distributed database. We share the practical details you won’t read in books. (2021)







  • NoSQL vs. NewSQL: CockroachDB vs. ScyllaDB  (Ivan Prisyazhynyy) – NewSQL and NoSQL are both designs for distributed databases that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional RDBMS. But how are they similar and how do they differ? See this apples-and-oranges comparison of CockroachDB to ScyllaDB. (2021)

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Cynthia is Senior Director of Content Strategy at ScyllaDB. She has been writing about software development and quality engineering for 20+ years.