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Top NoSQL Blogs of 2022

As the year winds down, let’s look back at our top 10 blogs written this year – plus 10 perennial favorites.

Before we start, thank you to the community members who contributed to our blogs in various ways – from users sharing best practices at ScyllaDB Summit, to open source contributors and ScyllaDB engineers explaining how they raised the bar on what’s possible for NoSQL performance, to anyone who has initiated or contributed to the discussion on HackerNews, Reddit, and other platforms. And if you have suggestions for 2023 blog topics, we welcome you to share them in this thread on our new ScyllaDB Community Forum.

With no further ado, here are the most read NoSQL blogs that we published in 2022…

How Palo Alto Networks Replaced Kafka with ScyllaDB for Stream Processing

How cybersecurity leader, Palo Alto Networks, used their existing ScyllaDB database to eliminate the MQ layer (Kafka) for a project that correlates events in near real time.


Async Rust in Practice: Performance, Pitfalls, Profiling

How our engineers used flamegraphs to diagnose and resolve performance issues in our Tokio framework based Rust driver.


Shaving 40% Off Google’s B-Tree Implementation with Go Generics

How we got a 40% performance gain in an already well optimized package, the Google B-Tree implementation, using Go generics.


A New ScyllaDB Go Driver: Faster Than GoCQL and Its Rust Counterpart

How we built a new Go ScyllaDB driver that’s almost 4x faster than its GoCQL predecessor and 2X faster than its Rust counterpart.


Benchmarking Apache Cassandra (40 Nodes) vs ScyllaDB (4 Nodes)

We benchmarked Apache Cassandra on 40 nodes vs ScyllaDB on just 4 nodes. See how they stacked up on throughput, latency, and cost.


Why Disney+ Hotstar Replaced Redis and Elasticsearch with ScyllaDB Cloud

The inside perspective on how Disney+ Hotstar simplified its “continue watching” data architecture for scale.


We’re Porting Our Database Drivers to Async Rust

The ScyllaDB Rust Driver beats even the reference C++ driver in terms of raw performance. That gave us an idea: Why not unify all our drivers to use Rust underneath?


Implementing a New IO Scheduler Algorithm for Mixed Read/Write Workloads

A deep under-the-hood view of our NoSQL database engine. Learn how our new IO scheduler improved latencies in mixed workloads.


ScyllaDB on the New AWS EC2 I4i Instances: Twice the Throughput & Lower Latency

How ScyllaDB achieves 2.7x higher throughput with a 40% reduction in average latency on the new AWS I4i series, which uses the Intel Ice Lake processors and AWS Nitro SSD.


Wasmtime: Supporting UDFs in ScyllaDB with WebAssembly

How you can use WebAssembly to call user-defined functions when querying the database – plus, get a sneak peek at what else ScyllaDB is doing with Wasm.


Bonus: Top NoSQL Database Blogs From Years Past

Many of the blogs published in previous years continued to resonate with readers. Here’s a rundown of 10 ongoing favorites:

More Insights from NoSQL and Distributed Data System Experts

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