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ScyllaDB Summit Registration + A Sneak Peek

If database performance at scale matters to your team, join your like-minded peers at ScyllaDB Summit 2024 on February 14 and 15. It’s free, intentionally virtual, and highly interactive.

Whether you want to discover the latest ScyllaDB advancements, hear how top engineering teams are solving their toughest database challenges, or explore the latest trends across the broader data ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

Update: ScyllaDB Summit 2024 is now a wrap!

Access ScyllaDB Summit On Demand

You’ll get 2 days of keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on labs, and community building. An impressive lineup of engineers across AdTech, social media, entertainment, and technology leaders are gearing up to share their insights – and we hope you will be part of the discussion.

Here’s a tease of what you can expect at the 2024 conference:

  • Why Disney Moved from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB
  • Tracking Millions of Heartbeats on Zee’s OTT Platform
  • Inside Expedia’s CDC Migration from Cassandra to ScyllaDB
  • A Benchmark of the DBaaS Market
  • Radically Outperforming DynamoDB @ Digital Turbine with SADA and Google Cloud
  • Real-Time Persisted Events at Supercell
  • Getting the Most Out of ScyllaDB Monitoring: ShareChat’s Tips
  • The Strategy Behind ReversingLabs’ Massive Key-Value Migration
  • ScyllaDB Under the Hood: Why Our Architecture Matters

Of course, we’ll also share the latest from ScyllaDB Engineering, with a deep dive into our move to immediate consistency and extreme elasticity via Raft and tablets. You’ll also learn what’s next for ScyllaDB with respect to Kubernetes, compaction strategies, shard-aware drivers, and Change Data Capture (CDC).

This isn’t your typical virtual conference. It’s exceptionally interactive, with constant opportunities to connect and collaborate with speakers, ScyllaDB engineers, and your peers across the database community. There’s no better place to share, discuss, and socialize with your performance-minded database peers.

Binge Watch Past Years’ Sessions

To get a taste of what our 2024 event will be like, you can browse and binge-watch our previous years’ sessions – no registration required. Some of the most talked-about sessions include:

  • How Discord Migrated Trillions of Messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB
  • Using ScyllaDB for Distribution of Game Assets in Unreal Engine
  • The Consistency vs Throughput Tradeoff in Distributed Databases
  • Worldwide Local Latency With ScyllaDB
  • From Postgres to ScyllaDB: Migration Strategies and Performance Gains
  • Building a 100% ScyllaDB Shard-Aware Application Using Rust
  • ShareChat’s Journey Migrating 100TB of Data to ScyllaDB with NO Downtime


Watch on demand

Stay Tuned for Updated

Follow us on the socials to hear announcements of additional sessions and some new aspects we’re adding to shake things up this year. We’ll have more announcements soon!


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