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ScyllaDB Innovation Awards: Nominate Your Team

Get your team’s amazing achievements the recognition they deserve — tell us why you should win a 2023 ScyllaDB Innovation Award!


The ScyllaDB Innovation Awards shine a spotlight on ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, users who went above and beyond to deliver exceptional data-intensive applications. All ScyllaDB users are eligible: ScyllaDB Cloud, Enterprise, and Open Source.

This year, there are 7 categories that honor technical achievements, business impact, community contributions, and more. Specifically:

  • Gamechanger: Got a use case that pushes the bounds of what’s possible? What ground-breaking data-intensive app did you create? What sets it apart from the others? Tell us everything you can about your system and how you’re using ScyllaDB.
  • Business Impact: We love to hear about people that built their business on ScyllaDB. Did you fundamentally change your top line revenue or your bottom line profits using our database? We’d love to hear your stories of ROI and savings on TCO.
  • Technical Accomplishment: Now’s your chance to show off the technical chops of your team! What innovative technical challenge did you tackle and beat using ScyllaDB?
  • New ScyllaDB User: If you’ve hit the ground running, getting ScyllaDB up and into production this past year, we’d love to hear your story! Tell us how you beat expectations on reaching time-to-production, and what you’ve been able to achieve in your first year as a user.
  • ScyllaDB Expansion: You’re not a new user, but you’ve taken ScyllaDB to new use cases within your organization – or you’ve really expanded the scope of your existing use case. Tell us why and how you went big with ScyllaDB.
  • Integrator: No database is an island. Have you pulled off an impressive integration into other parts of your data pipeline or your DevOps pipeline? Share what magic you were able to perform.
  • Security Vanguard: Trusting that your database provides enterprise-grade security in the cloud is critical. This award honors the year’s most innovative and collaborative security projects with ScyllaDB.
  • Top ScyllaDB Open Source Contributor: Who stands out as a champion and technical leader of the ScyllaDB community? Someone who’s knee-deep in Github, and who’s always been there to aid you via Slack? This award is a great chance to recognize and nominate your professional colleagues.

Winners receive an award and a special ScyllaDB swag pack — plus recognition in a ScyllaDB Summit keynote, blog, press release, and social media posts.

Summit Gallery Image

Interested? Tell us why you should win before the January 13, 2023 deadline, then wait for the big announcement at ScyllaDB Summit, February 15-16, 2023.

The 2023 award winners will join a rather distinguished group of past honorees. For example, earlier in 2022 we recognized the following organizations and individuals:

  • Palo Alto Networks: For architecting a solution using ScyllaDB as a high-performance low-latency database for network events and as a message queue. Their solution achieves near real-time correlation of millions of different types of network security events per second, from multiple different sources. Read More
  • Instacart: For their rapid implementation of ScyllaDB as a unified feature store for their company-wide Machine Learning (ML) initiative. Faster ingestion of company-wide ML pipeline data translates to more helpful recommendations for both customers and shoppers.
  • The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson: For developing, through its R&D Data Science team, an integrated, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven graph of biomedical knowledge to help researchers accelerate drug discovery. This innovative approach, recently presented at BioIT World, has taken knowledge graphs beyond the convention of standalone network visualizations and applied them across the company’s therapeutic areas to help enhance their understanding of the underlying mechanisms of diseases and interpretation of study results.
  • IBM: For nearly doubling cluster storage capacity with zero request rejections despite internal system challenges such as server memory issues and disks with bad sectors. This feat was orchestrated by adding higher storage capacity nodes, decommissioning lower storage capacity nodes, updating ScyllaDB releases, and working closely with the ScyllaDB team.
  • Happn: For a strategically planned and flawlessly executed migration from 68B rows of data from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. The move from Cassandra to ScyllaDB reduced Happn’s TCO by 75%. Read more
  • China Mobile: For their use of Alternator, ScyllaDB’s DynamoDB-compatible API, to store metadata that is critical for realizing low-latency and high-performance metadata storage for the company’s next generation architecture. They were also an important contributor to the API’s development; they started using it in 2019 (pre-production), put it to the test, and helped make it an even better option for companies seeking a more flexible, cost-efficient alternative to DynamoDB.
  • Meraj Rasool, SkyElectric: For his success completing the core ScyllaDB University courses plus his participation in ScyllaDB University Live. Meraj also invited his colleagues to ScyllaDB University and applied their lessons learned to more efficiently utilize ScyllaDB for SkyElectric’s production load. Read more about SkyElectric’s use of ScyllaDB

Nominate your team or colleagues for the ScyllaDB Innovation Awards, and then sign up to attend ScyllaDB Summit 2023 — our free virtual conference — to see who won!



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