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Here’s to the 2021 Scylla User Award Winners!

Each year, coinciding with our annual Scylla Summit, we name the winners of the Scylla User Awards. With Scylla Summit being a virtual event this year we were unable to gather the winners on stage together to present their awards (as we have in the past). Yet we still wanted to let each winner know how vital we see their achievements while using Scylla in production environments around the world.

So without any further ado… drum roll please… we present our 2021 Scylla User Award winners:

Most Innovative Use of Scylla: Zillow — Zillow®, the most-visited real estate website in the U.S., used Scylla to create an innovative message flow mechanism that ensures its users are presented with the latest and most accurate information from multiple data producers. Watch Dan Podhola of Zillow present Optimistic Concurrency Using Write-time Timestamps.

Best Use of Alternator: GE Healthcare — We honored GE Healthcare for its use of our DynamoDB-compatible API, which extends GE Healthcare’s Edison AI solution via a hybrid cloud approach with some data remaining on-premises to comply with patient data privacy requirements. Watch GE Healthcare’s Sandeep Lakshmipathy present on Enabling Precision Health with Edison AI.

Best Use of Scylla Cloud: Disney+ Hotstar — The fastest-growing part of Disney’s streaming empire, Disney+ Hotstar has more than 300 million monthly active users and recently set a world record for concurrent livestream viewership. Watch Disney+ Hotstar architect Vamsi Subhash Achanta and senior data engineer Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy present on how they use Scylla NoSQL to power the streaming video giant, Scylla @ Disney+ Hotstar.

Most Efficient Use of Scylla: Mail.Ru — We have long recommended fast NVMe SSDs for best performance. But what if you could store huge amounts of data using traditional low-cost HDDs while still maintaining low single-digit millisecond latencies? Mail.Ru won for its true game-changing use case in price-performance. Watch Mail.Ru’s Kirill Alekseev present on High Load Storage of Users’ Actions with Scylla and HDDs.

Best Use of Scylla and a Graph Database: Zeotap — Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform resolves online user identity by combining data sourced from more than 80 partners. Zeotap won in this category for running the world’s largest native JanusGraph database backed by Scylla, managing and mapping more than 20 billion unique IDs. Read the blog on how Zeotap uses Scylla and JanusGraph here.

Humanitarian of the Year: Fanatics — When COVID-19 struck, our customer Fanatics didn’t miss a beat. It pivoted from manufacturing sports apparel to PPE, dedicating its 360,000 square-foot factory in Easton, Pennsylvania to producing protective gear for healthcare facilities throughout Pennsylvania and New York. Through a partnership with Major League Baseball, Fanatics announced plans to make up to 1 million masks and hospital gowns from material originally destined for official player jerseys, while raising more than $60 million for charitable organizations. Watch the video about how Fanatics use Scylla to power their official sports merchandise stores here.

Scylla Community Member of the Year: Alexys Jacob, Numberly — Alexys Jacob, CTO of Numberly, is a familiar name for those who track the Scylla User Awards. This year he is recognized for partnering with our engineers for the development of a shard-aware driver written in Python. This new driver provides significantly better database performance for users of the popular Python language. You can follow the course of this development in part one and part two of our blog series on the Python shard-aware driver, and also watch Alexys’ Scylla Summit presentation on Getting the Scylla Shard-Aware Drivers Faster.

See All the Summit Presentations

At this year’s Scylla Summit we saw a broad variety of use cases for Scylla and its underlying Seastar engine (beyond those mentioned above) – from streaming video and streaming data platforms to distributed ledger technology.

We also had presentations by Scylla engineers on the current and coming features of Scylla which will surely inspire our users and customers to even greater solutions to today’s big data challenges.

So here’s all the videos and slides for your review, online for free. Because who knows? They may serve as the inspiration for your own team, and it maybe you accepting an award at next year’s Scylla Summit!


Peter Corless

About Peter Corless

Peter Corless is the Director of Technical Advocacy at ScyllaDB. He listens to users’ stories and discovers wisdom in each to share with other practitioners in the industry at large, whether through blogs or in technical presentations. He occasionally hosts live industry events from webinars to online conferences.