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Zillow: Optimistic Concurrency Using Write-time Timestamps

12 minutes

In This NoSQL Presentation

Consuming messages from multiple sources in a scalable service sharing the same Scylla cluster can be problematic, especially when those sources provide data from two queues each and cannot deliver guaranteed in-order messages. At Zillow, we provide the Scylla write timestamp and employ a couple other tricks at Zillow to provide correct and consistent data to our consuming services and avoid doing transactions. Additionally, the Zillow data model is a simple compound key that contains a large binary Avro document.

Dan Podhola, Principal Software Engineer, Zillow

Dan has worked on a variety of different types of databases, from large but low volume batch-processed to large high volume databases. His goal is to keep working in industries he cares about because it motivates him to do his best work. He’s also worked on servers for a variety of purposes, from massively multiplayer online games to large data processing.