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Nominate Your Team for the ScyllaDB Innovation Awards 2022

Get your team’s amazing achievements the recognition they deserve — tell us why you should win a ScyllaDB Innovation Award.

The ScyllaDB Innovation Awards shine a spotlight on ScyllaDB users who went above and beyond to deliver exceptional data-intensive applications. All ScyllaDB users are eligible: ScyllaDB Cloud, Enterprise, and Open Source.

Update: The 2022 ScyllaDB Innovation Award winners were announced.

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This year, there are 10 categories that honor technical achievements, business impact, community contributions, and more. Specifically:

  • Gamechanger of the Year: Got a use case that pushes the bounds of what’s possible? What ground-breaking data-intensive app did you create? What sets it apart from the others? Tell us everything you can about your system and how you’re using ScyllaDB.
  • Greatest Business Impact: We love to hear about people that built their business on ScyllaDB. Did you fundamentally change your top line revenue or your bottom line profits using our database? We’d love to hear your stories of ROI and savings on TCO.
  • Greatest Technical Accomplishment: Now’s your chance to show off the technical chops of your team! What innovative technical challenge did you tackle and beat using ScyllaDB?
  • Best New ScyllaDB User: If you’ve hit the ground running, getting ScyllaDB up and into production this past year, we’d love to hear your story! Tell us how you beat expectations on reaching time-to-production, and what you’ve been able to achieve in your first year as a user.
  • Best ScyllaDB Cloud Use Case: Tell us how you’re using ScyllaDB Cloud. Why did you choose our DBaaS and how has your experience been? How has using a managed NoSQL solution benefited your team?
  • Best Use of ScyllaDB’s DynamoDB-compatible API: Our Alternator project makes ScyllaDB a drop-in replacement for DynamoDB. Tell us how you used ScyllaDB with our DynamoDB API to either replace or extend your use of Amazon DynamoDB. How was the migration? What benefits did you get from it?
  • Best Use of ScyllaDB with Kubernetes: Using ScyllaDB and Kubernetes? Are you using the ScyllaDB Kubernetes Operator or did you implement your own? How has utilizing Kubernetes impacted your DevOps? Tell us all about it, including the key technical details.
  • Best Use of ScyllaDB with a Graph Database: ScyllaDB is an excellent back-end to a graph database such as JanusGraph. Do you dream vividly about Gremlin and TinkerPop? Tell us about your use of ScyllaDB and a graph database. How big is your graph in terms of edges and vertices? What sort of data insights are you looking for? Give us the numbers, the results, and why you chose ScyllaDB in the first place.
  • Best Example of “Data for Good”: Is your company making the world a better place? Whether your company is for-profit or non-profit, tell us how you’re helping the common good with your database innovations.
  • Top ScyllaDB Open Source Contributor: Who stands out as a champion and technical leader of the ScyllaDB community? Someone who’s knee-deep in Github, and who’s always been there to aid you via Slack? This award is a great chance to recognize and nominate your professional colleagues.

Winners receive an award and a special ScyllaDB swag pack — plus recognition in a ScyllaDB Summit keynote, blog, press release, and social media posts.

Summit Gallery Image

Interested? Tell us why you should win before the January 31, 2022 deadline, then wait for the big announcement at ScyllaDB Summit, February 9-10, 2022.

The 2022 award winners will join a rather distinguished group of past honorees. For example, in 2021 we recognized:

  • Zillow — For its use of ScyllaDB to create an innovative message flow mechanism that ensures its users are presented with the latest and most accurate information from multiple data producers.
  • GE Healthcare — For its use of ScyllaDB’s DynamoDB-compatible API (Alternator) to extend their Edison AI solution via a hybrid cloud approach with some data remaining on-premises to comply with patient data privacy requirements.
  • Disney+ Hotstar — For its use of ScyllaDB Cloud to scale for tens of millions of concurrent livestream viewers—replacing both Redis and Elasticsearch, and migrating their data with no downtime.
  • Mail.Ru —For its game-changing use case in price-performance, storing huge amounts of data using traditional low-cost HDDs while still maintaining low single-digit millisecond latencies.
  • Zeotap — For its success running the world’s largest native JanusGraph database backed by ScyllaDB, managing and mapping more than 20 billion unique IDs.
  • Fanatics — For pivoting from manufacturing sports apparel to PPE, making ~1 million masks and hospital gowns from material originally destined for official player jerseys, while raising more than $60 million for charitable organizations.
  • Alexys Jacob, Numberly — For partnering with ScyllaDB engineers to develop a shard-aware ScyllaDB driver that provides significantly better database performance with Python.

Make sure you enter to win the ScyllaDB Innovation Awards, and then sign up to attend ScyllaDB Summit 2022 — our free, live online user conference — to see who won!

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