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Powering a Graph Data System with Scylla + JanusGraph

Powering a Graph Data System with Scylla + JanusGraph

Anyone who’s tried to build such a solution knows that one of the chief difficulties is encompassing the sheer number and complexity of existing data sources. In order to deliver a true solution, we need to be able to bring this disparate data together. A graph data system, built with JanusGraph and backed by the power of Scylla, is a great fit for solving this problem.

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Voice of Experience: IBM Cloud’s Compose for JanusGraph Uncovers Advantages of Scylla

IBM had previously used only Apache Cassandra and HBase as storage back-ends for the graph databases it makes available on IBM Cloud. Having heard about the advantages of Scylla, IBM’s Open Tech and Performance teams conducted a series of tests to compare Scylla with HBase and Apache Cassandra.

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Performance Evaluation: Scylla as a Database Backend for JanusGraph

Scylla and JanusGraph

In the context of graph databases, the performance of your storage backend is paramount. In the world of edges and vertices, graphs (and the data required to support them) can grow exponentially in a point-to-point fashion. In their talk at Scylla Summit 2017, Ted Chang and Chin Huang, both engineers at IBM, decided to add Scylla to the mix of backends which has traditionally included Cassandra and HBase. They ran test scenarios which covered high volume reads and writes, and provided comparative test results for the three backends, along with lessons learned for each.

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IBM discusses different storage backends for JanusGraph at Scylla Summit 2017

I was pleased to sit down with Chin Huang & Ted Chang of IBM who are speakers at the upcoming Scylla Summit 2017. Their talk will be one of many interesting talks at the Summit. Speakers are coming from all over the globe to speak about their experiences, use cases, and experiences with NoSQL technologies. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about what Chin and Ted will be presenting at the Summit.

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IBM discusses JanusGraph on Compose at Scylla Summit 2017

Source: I was pleased to sit down with David Pitera and Keith Lohnes of IBM to learn more about their upcoming talk at Scylla Summit 2017. At Scylla Summit 2017, participants will join NoSQL developers and users from start-ups and the enterprise for interesting talk topics such as monitoring, improving latencies, performance, and their personal journey to Scylla. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about what David and Keith will be presenting at the Summit.

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An Interview with Christopher Quinones on the newest graph database, JanusGraph

This is a modified interview with Christopher Quinones, Project Lead, and Developer on Compose for JanusGraph, previously that was published on Compose for JanusGraph is a fully managed, Apache TinkerPop-enabled, scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying highly-interconnected data modeled as millions or billions of vertices and edges. Graph databases are particularly adept at use cases such as fraud detection, counter-intelligence, behavior modeling, and social media or wherever complex interactions and networks exist. IBM Compose for JanusGraph uses Scylla for the backend, why did you select Scylla? How was your experience adopting it? JanusGraph continues to evolve as […]

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