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Scylla Roadmaps

Upcoming NoSQL Database Features

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Scylla is the best choice for real-time big data workloads


Project Circe

Scylla’s Project Circe is our 2021 initiative to improve Scylla by adding greater capabilities for consistency, performance, scalability, stability, manageability, and broader and easier deployment.

Scylla Product Roadmaps

Scylla Enterprise Roadmap
Scylla Enterprise Roadmap Scylla Open Source Roadmap Scylla Cloud Roadmap Scylla Manager Roadmap Scylla Monitoring Stack Roadmap Scylla Operator Roadmap
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Scylla Enterprise Roadmap

Based on the Scylla Open Source project, Scylla Enterprise is our most feature-rich NoSQL database. It includes a Scylla Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, and best practices. Scylla Enterprise Support guarantees you will have access to the engineers who developed Scylla.

Scylla Open Source features are migrated to Scylla Enterprise after they’ve undergone additional testing and feedback from customers. However, Scylla Enterprise also includes features that are not part of the open source release. These features focus on security, management and cost savings.

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The 2020.1 branch is based on Scylla Open Source 4.0 and includes backport bug fixes from previous versions of both Scylla Open Source and Scylla Enterprise.

Planned Scylla Enterprise features:

  • Capturing table activity with streams, including DynamoDB compatible streams (CDC)
  • LDAP Authentication and Authorization– 2020.1.x
  • Security: additional key providers (KMS, Azure key vault)
  • Authentication (SSO with SAML, BYO)
  • Authorization (BYO)
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Scylla Open Source Roadmap

ScyllaDB is an open source company that is committed to shared innovation and transparency that leads to continually improving the features of NoSQL databases.

This page is a point-in-time snapshot of our current efforts and plans. However, our plans are always responsive to customer input, market evolution, and development constraints of database technologies.

Track progress through the open source Scylla project on GitHub including a public project issue tracker. You are welcome to add database feature requests and vote for your favorite issue.

We have an additional set of advanced NoSQL database features that go beyond Apache Cassandra, for example, Heat-Weighted Load-Balancing, CPU and I/O schedulers, CDC, AWS DynamoDB compatible API (Alternator) and more. As we continue to evolve beyond Apache Cassandra we guarantee to keep backward compatibility (Thrift, for example, is here to stay) and future compatibility with the future development of Cassandra.

We release a Scylla minor version periodically, with both bug fixes and new features. Complex features for more advanced database architectures will be flagged as experimental for one release, marking them as completed, but not thoroughly tested yet. The list below includes features visible to users. At the same time, we put most of our effort into internal optimizations, performance improvements, and workload conditioning.

Scylla is moving fast! Keep an eye on the scylladb-users mailing list for updates.

Planned features for Scylla Open Source 4.x

  • AWS DynamoDB compatible API (Alternator) enhancements
  • Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Removing the seed node requirement
  • More stability and performance improvements
  • Offline Installer

We are invested in improving big data database technologies in 2020 and beyond, including an improved disk format, different database enhancements and integration with analytics and search.

Want to hear more about our ideas for Scylla Open Source and Scylla Enterprise? Please contact us.

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Scylla Cloud Roadmap

Create real-time applications that run at global scale with the industry’s most performant NoSQL database, available as a highly affordable DBaaS. Scylla Cloud gives you access to fully managed Scylla clusters with automatic backup, repairs, performance optimization, security hardening, 24*7 maintenance and support. All for a fraction of the cost of other DBaaS offerings.

Planned Scylla Cloud features:

  • Multiple users per account
  • Support for Azure, GCP
  • Migration tools
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Scylla Manager Roadmap

Scylla Manager is a centralized, highly available, NoSQL database management solution for multiple Scylla clusters. It is part of the Scylla Enterprise offering and is also available to Scylla Open Source users (limited to 5 nodes).

Scylla Manager 2.x now includes recurrent backups to AWS S3 and a new Scylla Agent.

While the list below includes advanced database management features visible to the users, we put most of our effort into under the hood optimizations, performance improvements, and autonomous database functionality.

Planned Scylla Manager 2.x features:

  • Backup to more targets – 2.x
  • Automated restore and clone – 2.x
  • Time Window support – 2.x
  • Cluster Management – Scylla Manager 3.0 (basic), 3.1 (extended)
  • Alerts Manager – Scylla Manager 3.x
  • Log Collection – Scylla Manager 3.x
  • Manager Role-Based Access Control – Scylla Manager 3.x
  • UI console – Scylla Manager 3.x
  • Scylla-as-a-Service – cloud-based database management system

Scylla Monitoring Stack Roadmap

Scylla Monitoring Stack is a bundle of three components (a Prometheus metric collector, alert manager, and Grafana 6 dashboards) that can be deployed as containers or directly onto a host. It collects metrics and events through the Scylla Agent from nodes and from Scylla Manager.

The stack empowers DevOps, Infrastructure Operations, and Database Administrators to quickly find and fix issues impacting the performance of their Scylla cluster. Teams can drill down from high-level dashboards to detailed metrics to determine next steps.

Scylla Monitoring 3.2 introduces dashboard annotations for repair and backup as well as a new collection of dashboard screens.

Planned Scylla Manager 3.x features:

  • Support monitoring of future version of Scylla, Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Manager
  • Add annotations for Cluster wide operation
  • Unified packaging and operation with Scylla Manager
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Scylla Operator Roadmap

Scylla Operator (Preview) is a new tool for automating the deployment of Scylla clusters within a kubernetes environment. It currently it supports:

  • Deploying across multi-zone clusters
  • Scaling up clusters or adding new racks
  • Scaling down clusters
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Planned Scylla Operator features:

  • Fully install Scylla and Scylla Enterprise Clusters, including Monitoring and Scylla Manager
  • Automate Scylla Cluster operations on K8s
  • Available on and tested with managed K8s providers
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