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ScyllaDB and Apache Spark

ScyllaDB is the highly scalable, high performance NoSQL database that can keep up with the streaming analytics demands of Apache Spark


ScyllaDB is the fastest, most powerful and scalable NoSQL database. Apache Spark is the fastest, most powerful and scalable data analytics framework. Many users who deploy one deploy the other because they are entirely complementary technologies.

Hooking Up Spark and ScyllaDB

Four part blog series providing a primer on how to use Spark and ScyllaDB together: We provide all the open source code in Github for you to try this yourself.

Mastering the ScyllaDB Spark Migrator


The ScyllaDB Spark Migrator is our workhorse engine written in Apache Spark, capable of taking data from multiple sources, including databases such as Apache Cassandra or DynamoDB, or big data file formats like Apache Parquet, and migrating them into ScyllaDB or ScyllaDB Cloud.

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