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Join us to create the next generation of NoSQL, based on Apache Cassandra design

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Scylla Open Source 3.3 Release Now Available

Welcome to the Scylla Open Source Database Community!

Love Apache Cassandra’s high availability traits and scale-out design? You came to the right place. Scylla Open Source NoSQL database leverages Apache Cassandra’s innovation and track record, but takes it to the next level. Implemented in C++14 from scratch, Scylla has a shared-nothing, thread-per-core design. You get the best of all worlds: the scale-out, fault tolerance of Cassandra, with the throughput of millions of operations per node and low and consistent latency. Scylla tunes itself automatically to adjust to dynamic workloads and various hardware combinations.

Thanks to the amazing job of the Apache Cassandra community, a polyglot of client drivers, and big data frameworks like Spark, you can connect to Scylla seamlessly. Scylla Open Source database has Cassandra’s industry-leading high-availability capabilities along with Redis-like performance and a cluster that works out of the box.

Scylla uses the Seastar framework for extreme performance on multi-core hardware. Learn more about Seastar here.

Join us on our mission to make Scylla the #1 open source NoSQL database.

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Contribute to Scylla Open Source NoSQL Database

The Scylla Open Source community is growing and we welcome feature contributions, bug fixes, documentation improvements, and other ways for you to help make Scylla the best open source database possible

Scylla developers use patches and email to share and discuss changes. Setting up can take a little time, but once you have done it the first time, it’s easy.

The basic steps are:

  • Create a Git branch to work on
  • Commit your work with clear commit messages and sign-offs
  • Use git format-patch and git send-email to send to the list

See Contributing to Scylla for all the step-by-step instructions.

Who is contributing to Scylla OSS? See all the contributors here.

Scylla Open Source Database Software Roadmap

ScyllaDB is an open source database software company that is committed to open innovation. Learn what is planned for Scylla in the future by visiting our Roadmap.

Open Source NoSQL Database Licenses

Server License

Driver Licenses

Documentation License

Contributor Agreement

Licensing Policy

The goal of the server license is to require that enhancements to Scylla be released to the community. Traditional GPL often does not achieve this anymore as a huge amount of software runs in the cloud. For example, Google has no obligation to release their improvements to the MySQL kernel – if they do, they are being nice.

We promise that we will not seek to enforce the copyleft provisions in the AGPL v3.0 against you if your application (a) does not link to the Scylla database directly but exclusively uses Scylla drivers, and (b) you have not modified, added to, or adapted the source code of the Scylla database in a way that would result in the creation of a “modified version” of or a “work based on” the Scylla database as such terms are used in the AGPL v3.0. Scylla works with unmodified Apache Cassandra drivers (the part you link with your application), which are released under the Apache license, which is copyleft free.

If the above is not enough to satisfy your organization’s vast legal department (some will not approve GPL in any form), commercial licenses are available. Feel free to contact us for details.

ScyllaDB Trademark Guidelines

For trademark use approval or any questions you have about using these trademarks, please email [email protected]

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Licensing and copyright information for this page:

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Let’s do this

Getting started takes only a few minutes. Scylla has an installer for every major platform. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.