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ScyllaDB on Google Cloud

The High Performance, Low Latency NoSQL Database

ScyllaDB’s NoSQL database was designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern multi-CPU, multi-core public cloud servers. ScyllaDB’s high system utilization gives you, the user, the best performance and TCO. Many of our open source users and commercial customers run their ScyllaDB workloads on Google Cloud.

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ScyllaDB Cloud on Google Cloud Marketplace

ScyllaDB Cloud is our fully managed Database as a Service (DBaaS), based on ScyllaDB Enterprise. ScyllaDB Cloud is listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace for both public and private offers..

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ScyllaDB Enterprise on Google Cloud

ScyllaDB Enterprise is our premium NoSQL database, offering the most performant, efficient software for production workloads at scale. It is a perfect complement to high-performance Google Cloud instances such as the n2-highmem series servers.

ScyllaDB Open Source on Google Cloud

You can easily deploy ScyllaDB Open Source on Google Cloud. Download our Google Cloud image and get running in minutes.

ScyllaDB Cloud

Deploy our ScyllaDB Cloud database as a service on Google Cloud

SADA Partnership

To help broaden adoption across Google Cloud, ScyllaDB is teaming up with SADA, the award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner. With their wide-ranging portfolio of services and solutions, they can tackle your biggest ambitions and boldest goals. Whatever your challenge, SADA has the solution. ScyllaDB is a member of SADA’s SaaS Alliances program.

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ScyllaDB University

Get started on the path to ScyllaDB expertise

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ScyllaDB Cloud

It’s easy to get started with our NoSQL DBaaS