iFood on Delivering 100 Million Events a Month to Restaurants with ScyllaDB

Thales Biancalana, iFood18:26

iFood is the largest Brazilian-based food delivery app company. It connects users, restaurants, and deliverymen using an event-driven architecture using AWS SQS and SNS, with programming in Java and Node.js. Thales' team is responsible for delivering orders' events to restaurant devices at least once, which is currently done using a REST API polling and acknowledgment system.
Learn how their database infrastructure evolved from a PostgreSQL database, but began to show limitations and was a single point of failure. Growing through a few intermediary steps, including Amazon DynamoDB, eventually, turning to ScyllaDB for its data model and collections to condense multiple tables. Using ScyllaDB, iFood reduced the time to process events and acknowledgments (from ~80ms to ~3ms) and reduced costs using ScyllaDB vs DynamoDB by over 9x.

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