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Scylla Cloud Updates for January 2020 

Scylla Cloud is a fully managed Database as a Service (NoSQL DBaaS) from ScyllaDB. Scylla Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) I3 instances which, when coupled with the performance of Scylla Enterprise, enables scalable and performant real-time applications. Scylla Enterprise is a NoSQL database API compatible with Apache Cassandra, but delivers up to 10X the performance of other Cassandra implementations.

New Features

Using your own AWS account

You can now choose where you can deploy your Scylla Cloud database — via your Scylla Cloud account, or in your own AWS account. Deploying in your own AWS account allows you to keep all Scylla resources (EC2, network, S3 buckets, etc.) in your own account, with your own AWS pricing, and your own company policies and geographic regulation, while benefiting from the DBaaS nature of Scylla Cloud (fully maintained, 24/7 support, proactive alerts, transparent upgrades, best practices deployments, and so on).

To deploy Scylla Cloud in your own account, you are welcome to register in Scylla Cloud and open a support ticket with the request. In the future, this step will be fully automated.

Extracting Scylla DB metrics to your organization’s centralized monitoring system via Prometheus

Scylla Cloud now supports extracting cluster statistics in Prometheus format. The configuration is done at the cluster level, so you can choose which cluster’s metrics you wish to extract. Extracted statistics can be used either with Scylla Monitoring Stack or with any other monitoring tool that supports the Prometheus format. For example, see our DataDog and Scylla integration blog.

Scylla Enterprise Release Information

Scylla Cloud now uses Scylla Enterprise 2019.1.4, the latest stable release of Scylla Enterprise. As new Scylla Enterprise releases become available, ScyllaDB will upgrade your cluster for you.

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