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ScyllaDB Summit 2021 Schedule Now Online

ScyllaDB Summit is just around the corner! Next week (January 12th – 14th), we’ll hold a two-day virtual conference followed by a day of instructor-led training. All online. All free.

We’ve published the complete schedule so that you can add reminders to your calendar for the sessions you’re most interested in. You can also share sessions via social media or mail them to your colleagues.

Tuesday, January 12

  • Prepare to Love ScyllaDB Even More — ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor will look back on everything that we’ve accomplished since last ScyllaDB Summit, and look ahead to what’s on the horizon for 2021.
  • Testing ScyllaDB with Jepsen — Kyle Kingsbury, also known as Aphyr, took ScyllaDB through his in-depth Jepsen testing process. Discover what he found and what we fixed!
  • Raft in ScyllaDB — Konstantin “Kostja” Osipov will provide an overview of how ScyllaDB is moving from Paxos to Raft, and what that means for database consistency beyond Lightweight Transactions.
  • Zillow: Optimistic Locking Using Write-time Timestamps — Dan Podhola of Zillow will reveal the tricks they used to guarantee in-order delivery of messages for correct and consistent data.
  • Empowering DynamoDB Application Developers — ScyllaDB Distinguished Engineer Nadav Har’El will share you can use the advantages of ScyllaDB’s DynamoDB API for greater observability, improved performance and to run your applications at lower cost.
  • GE Healthcare: Enabling Precision Health in Edison AI — Learn how GE Healthcare is deploying DynamoDB-compatible instances of ScyllaDB on premises to improve precision healthcare with better patient data confidentiality.
  • ScyllaDB Operator Overview — Kubernetes (K8s) has taken cloud native computing by storm. ScyllaDB’s Kubernetes Operator is now generally available. Discover its features and explore its roadmap with ScyllaDB engineer Maciej Zimnoch.
  • Grab at Scale with ScyllaDB — Grab is southeast Asia’s favorite “superapp,” providing shopping, ride sharing, payments, and food delivery. Discover all the ways they use ScyllaDB to deliver on their services.
  • Becoming an Elastic Cloud Native Database — ScyllaDB VP of R&D Shlomi Livne will share what steps ScyllaDB has already taken to provide elasticity, the capability to scale up or down with minimal disruption, and our plans to deliver further on that vision.
  • ScyllaDB Cloud on Display — Find out how easy it is to integrate and connect ScyllaDB Cloud (NoSQL DBaaS) with your applications, and turn over all aspects of management and maintenance to our team of cloud database experts.
  • ScyllaDB @ GumGum: Contextual Ads — GumGum’s Keith Sader will describe how and why they moved to ScyllaDB Cloud to meet their growing customer demands with a future proofed solution.
  • Expero/QOMPLX: Using ScyllaDB with JanusGraph for Cybersecurity — Recent news shows the importance of managing the cybersecurity of enterprise and government client systems. Learn how QOMPLX, with the help of Expero’s team, designed their intrusion detection system around ScyllaDB and JanusGraph.

Wednesday, January 13

Thursday, January 14 — Training Day

This year our training sessions are absolutely free, so make sure you get your coworkers and industry peers to sign up today. We will have full side-by-side tracks for developers and administrators:

Track One: Developers Track Two: Administrators
  • Kubernetes Operator — Learn why to use Kubernetes (K8s), all about pods and statefulsets, how to get the most out of our new ScyllaDB Operator, best practices and our roadmap.
  • How to Write Better Apps — Advanced data modeling and data types, shard-aware drivers, materialized views, global and local secondary indexes, and compaction strategies.

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Peter Corless is the Director of Technical Advocacy at ScyllaDB. He listens to users’ stories and discovers wisdom in each to share with other practitioners in the industry at large, whether through blogs or in technical presentations. He occasionally hosts live industry events from webinars to online conferences.