Scylla Network Communications

Scylla optimizes network communications using methods like shard-aware drivers and RPC streaming, while maintaining strong NoSQL database security.

Scylla supports multiple networking protocols as part of our client-server networking with RPC Streaming.

Cassandra Query Language (CQL)

Scylla provides shard-aware CQL drivers to ensure highest performance. It is also compatible with all Apache Cassandra-compliant third-party drivers

Apache Thrift

Scylla still supports Thrift while it has been deprecated in Apache Cassandra. Thrift uses RPC framework drivers such as Astynax for Java or Pycassa for Python


Scylla’s Alternator interface provides Amazon DynamoDB compatibility and supports all relevant Amazon SDKs.

Read more about specific ports and protocols utilized in Scylla here.

Scylla Shard-Aware Drivers for CQL

Scylla offers shard-aware drivers in Python, Java, and Go. These drivers provide superior performance by using Murmur3 hashing and a token aware policy to know which node and specifically which CPU in that node data resides.

Read about design considerations and advantages a shard-aware driver provides here.

Scylla’s shard-aware drivers ensure a client connects to a coordinator node that is a known replica of the data for lowest latency and fastest data transfers.

Server-to-Server Networking with RPC Streaming

Within Scylla itself, server-to-server communications use efficient Seastar RPC streaming, and also keep each other in sync using anti-entropy mechanisms like hinted handoff.

Read more about Scylla’s Seastar RPC streaming and hinted handoffs.

Scylla’s RPC streaming speeds rebalancing and updates between server nodes storing multiple terabytes of data.

Secure Networking

Scylla takes threats to networking seriously, and applies strong security methods and protocols, including authentication, role-based access control (RBAC), authorization, and encryption. Users can apply encryption to data in transit between clients and server nodes as well as between server nodes.

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