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ScyllaDB Cloud Updates for April 2022

New free trials and features for ScyllaDB Cloud

Dev teams at industry-leading companies like Disney+ Hotstar,, and Instacart have turned to ScyllaDB Cloud, our fully-managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS). They appreciate its speed and scale – without the hassle and toil of self-management. Given the simple startup and seamless scaling, it’s not surprising that usage of ScyllaDB Cloud has surged 198% year over year.

With ScyllaDB now deployed across hundreds of projects, we nowpower all sorts of data-intensive applications, and we want to make it easier than ever for you to deploy your own applications..

Through our interactions with users and customers, we’ve found developers want to discover and experience ScyllaDB Cloud in two distinct ways. Application developers want to deploy a small instance for the purposes of exercising our developer documentation, code examples, and community, to see if ScyllaDB Cloud meets their needs as builders.

Other users, who tend to be DevOps, want to deploy production clusters to validate our performance benchmarks for their specific use case. They also tend to want to see exactly how ScyllaDB’s management and monitoring capabilities operate in the Cloud, under real-world conditions.

To meet the needs of both groups, we’re launching two free trials: a small developer instance that’s free for 30 days, and a production cluster that’s free for 48 hours. Neither is meant for actual production applications, and they don’t come with our usual SLA commitment and support.

Developer Free Trial: ScyllaDB Cloud running on a t3.micro sandbox instance, free for 30 days. This trial is designed to help you evaluate whether ScyllaDB Cloud is right for your use case, your development style, and your team.

Production Evaluation: Designed to help you evaluate your application running against a ScyllaDB cluster on a high performance AWS i3.2xlarge instance. This has few other limitations:

  • No backup or repair
  • Does not support multiple data centers
  • Does not support cluster resize

Given the relatively short duration of the evaluation, it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand. Our solutions architects are standing by to help you to design an appropriate scenario for your testing, so that you can get the results you need within the 48-hour window. Contact us if you need anything to help bring your ideas to fruition.

To access the free trials, register for an account on ScyllaDB Cloud.

Once you’ve logged into your ScyllaDB Cloud account, select “Create a New Cluster” and scroll down to the options for instance types. You’ll see the following:

Selecting your free trial on ScyllaDB Cloud

If you need guidance, we have a brief video that explains how to Get Started with ScyllaDB Cloud.

Fore more detail on connecting your app to ScyllaDB Cloud, watch our new video, Connect to ScyllaDB Cloud.

A New ScyllaDB Cloud Documentation Portal

To go along with our new free trials we have also launched a brand new Cloud Documentation Portal. Here you can learn how to get setup, the features and benefits of ScyllaDB Cloud, and follow tutorials that show you how to build apps that get the most out of ScyllaDB’s capabilities.

Support for Google Cloud Flexible Storage

We have also added support for flexible storage on Google Cloud instances, to provide better customization and lower costs. Google enables you to attach local SSDs to most machine types available on Compute Engine, so we made it easy for you to do so for your ScyllaDB Cloud instances. You can learn more about this capability on the Google Cloud Site.

If you wanted to add more storage before we added this feature to ScyllaDB Cloud, you needed to add more instances. With this new feature, users who are running ScyllaDB Cloud on Google Cloud can easily add flexible storage options via ScyllaDB Cloud’s browser-based user interface. All of the options provided adhere to ScyllaDB’s preferred RAM/storage preferred ratio of 1:80.

Learn More About ScyllaDB on ScyllaDB University

For those not already familiar with ScyllaDB, it is a wide-column NoSQL database that’s API-compatible with both Apache Cassandra CQL and DynamoDB. While there are many offerings of Cassandra-compatible databases in the industry (of which we believe we are the best-of-breed),, we are the first and currently only company in the industry to offer a DynamoDB-compatible managed database on a public cloud apart from AWS. (Learn more about our Alternator API below.) You can learn more about ScyllaDB Cloud on our free online ScyllaDB University.

Get Started on ScyllaDB Cloud Today!

Already today 82% of our customers run ScyllaDB on public clouds, and we believe this announcement will accelerate ScyllaDB’s adoption within the Google Cloud community. Built with a close-to-the-hardware, shared-nothing design, ScyllaDB Cloud empowers organizations to build and operate real-time applications at global scale — all for a fraction of the cost of other DBaaS options.

ScyllaDB Cloud is now available in 20 geographical regions served by Google Cloud, from key US regions (Virginia, Ohio, California, and Oregon), to locations in Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Australia. ScyllaDB Cloud will be deployed to the n2-highmem series of servers, known for their fast, locally-attached SSD storage.


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