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>30 Developers to Share Insights on Application Performance at P99 CONF

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We’re always excited to talk about our database. But we are also eager to speak to the underlying challenges, techniques, and movements around high performance architectures. After all, our founding team invented the KVM hypervisor. We think about low-level performance optimizations literally all the time.

So we reached out to leading technologists and asked them to present their key achievements on topics ranging from kernel to kernel bypass, frameworks, cool emerging programming languages, and heavyweight frameworks.

That’s why we’re excited to unveil the full roster of 30+ speakers for P99 CONF, a new, cross-industry virtual event for _engineers_ and by engineers on October 6-7. P99 speakers are leading developers of top projects — from Rust, Java, golang, Kubernetes, and the Linux kernel, to industry-leading database and streaming projects.


These speakers represent a wide range of companies that have faced and overcome latency issues at scale, including Netflix, Twitter, Percona, Datadog, Red Hat, Dynatrace, and, of course, ScyllaDB. (We’re sponsoring the event, but like all the other speakers we’re keeping our talks strictly technical.)

Since P99 CONF is about technology instead of products, open source solutions will be in the spotlight. In place of the usual thinly veiled product pitches and entry-level overviews, the event is tuned to provide insights and techniques that developers can mobilize immediately, on any project.

Conference topics will focus relentlessly on the technical and practical aspects of high performance architectures, from OS (kernel, eBPF, IO_uring), CPUs (Arm, Intel, OpenRisc), middleware and programming languages (go, Rust, JVM, DPDK), along with databases and observability methods.

P99 speaker Glauber Costa, a staff engineer at Datadog, invited developers to attend P99 CONF “to hear from colleagues in the trenches about innovative approaches they won’t find anywhere else.” Glauber sees latency as one of the defining challenges of modern application design, but one that unfortunately gets little attention until a project is suffering in production. We are looking forward to Glauber’s presentation at P99 CONF, which will cover designing for optimal performance in Rust.

Overall, the conference sessions will explore creative solutions to the complex challenges of real-time applications, with deep dives on topics including:

  • Development: Techniques for programming languages and operating systems
  • Architecture: High-performance distributed systems, design patterns and frameworks
  • Performance: Capacity planning, benchmarking and performance testing
  • DevOps: Observability and optimization to meet SLAs
  • Use Cases: Low-latency applications in production and lessons learned

To ensure attendees receive a full range of perspectives on the topic, the roster includes chief scientists and researchers, architects, staff engineers, performance engineers, and straight up geeks.

To give a few examples, Waldek Kozaczuk, an OSv Committer, will speak on running stateless and serverless apps in the cloud. Brian Martin, software engineer at Twitter, will discuss high-performance refactoring in Rust. Yarden Shafir, software engineer at Crowdstrike, will talk about optimizing Windows I/O. Tejas Chopra, senior software engineer at Netflix, will present on object compaction in the cloud.

There’s something for everybody — as long as “everybody” happens to be a developer. 🙂

Register now to save your seat for two half days of keynotes, technical deep dives, and lively conversations on all things P99!

P99 CONF is free for all developers. Please read the P99 CONF Code of Conduct. We value the participation of each member and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

We’ll announce the full agenda for P99 CONF soon. Follow us on Twitter @p99conf for updates.

About Peter Corless

Peter Corless is the Director of Technical Advocacy at ScyllaDB. He listens to users’ stories and discovers wisdom in each to share with other practitioners in the industry at large, whether through blogs or in technical presentations. He occasionally hosts live industry events from webinars to online conferences.