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But Don’t Take It from Us…

We’re always glad to hear about the innovative things our users are doing with ScyllaDB, the monstrously fast and scalable NoSQL database, and the benefits they’re getting. Our use cases come in all shapes and sizes–from very large organizations that have migrated to ScyllaDB from some other database to start-ups that use us coming out the gates.

With that in mind, I’m glad to share some of the videos we’ve recently posted to our website and YouTube channel. These testimonials are all less than three minutes. We recorded them at our ScyllaDB Summit last fall, where we asked several of our customers one simple question “What has been your experience with ScyllaDB?”

Here’s what they had to say…

“We’ve reduced our P99, three 9 and four 9 latencies by 95%.”

Comcast has realized a number of benefits from migrating to ScyllaDB — a snappier UI, less administration and a big reduction in nodes. Hear about this and more from Phil Zimich, Senior Director of Engineering at Comcast:

“I have a baby at home; I don’t want a database that requires constant attention.”

Southeast Asia’s leading super app, Grab, uses ScyllaDB for a growing set of use cases. Here you can see what Aravind Srinivasan, Engineering Lead at Grab, has to say about ScyllaDB’s performance and self-optimizing capabilities:

“We did not change our applications one bit. The same drivers, the same commands we were issuing before with Cassandra were working with ScyllaDB with absolutely no changes.”

We often talk about how easy it is to migrate from Apache Cassandra or DataStax to ScyllaDB. But don’t listen to us. David Blythe, Principal Software Engineer at SAS Institute will tell you all about it:

“When we did performance tests for a back-end to JanusGraph we found that ScyllaDB was giving 10 times faster performance than our existing system.”

Leading cyber security company FireEye was looking for a better alternative to their combination of a custom graph database and PostgreSQL. Senior Manager Krishna Palati and DevOps Engineer Rahul Gaikwad share their selection process and why they chose ScyllaDB here:

“Now we can sleep well at night.”

Web browser pioneer Opera uses ScyllaDB to synch browser experiences across desktop and mobile devices for millions of users. You can hear from Engineering Manager Rafal Furmanski and DevOps Engineer Piotr Olchawala on why they chose ScyllaDB and how important reliability of the system has been to them.

“ScyllaDB has reduced latency from 300 ms to 10 ms, and the database clusters had no errors all year”

Alex Bantis, Backend Scala Developer at Tubi, describes how ScyllaDB helped Tubi to unify ML-driven apps with Scala and Spark. Hear about his journey from not knowing ScyllaDB to deploying it for a growing number of use cases:

“ScyllaDB Cloud is pretty much zero maintenance and zero stress!”

Mistaway Systems have come to rely on our fully managed DBaas so they can focus instead on their applications. Hear from Software Engineer Kevin Johnson about the ease of using ScyllaDB Cloud:

“One person can manage a production ScyllaDB cluster for the whole company”

Another great IOT case study can be found at GPS Insight. Hear from Doug Stuns, Senior Database Architect, about how ScyllaDB’s scalability is “off the charts” here:

“We were very pleased with the operational characteristics of ScyllaDB. We were able to meet requirements with far fewer servers than expected.”

Mobile endpoint security company Lookout evaluated a number of different NoSQL Database options before selecting ScyllaDB. Hear from Richard Ney, Principal at Lookout, on how ScyllaDB compared with DynamoDB in cost and performance:

That’s just a sample of some of our latest customer testimonials. You’ll find a complete set, along with written case studies on our Users page.

ScyllaDB Summit Sessions

Want more details on our customer use cases and the benefits our users are gaining? You’ll be glad to know that we recorded all the presentations from our annual user conference, ScyllaDB Summit. You’ll find them all on the Tech Talks page of our website, along with Keynotes from our executives and engineering talks from our technical staff.

Got a ScyllaDB Story to Tell?

Got an interesting ScyllaDB use case you’d like to share? We’re glad to work with you to do a blog post, a case study or testimonial. Just reach out to us on [email protected].