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How to Combat Data Breaches Before They Happen: Scylla’s Native Security

Combat Data Breaches

To take advantage of new security features and bug fixes, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest software. Before you do anything else, update your cluster with latest version of Scylla. Also take the time to ensure that  your operating system and libraries are up-to-date as well.

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Sizing Up Your Scylla Cluster

Sizing Your Scylla Cluster

In practical terms, how do you begin to plan your ultra-efficient Scylla topology? The shift can be intimidating for those coming from a background in Cassandra, or for those coming from a primary-replica architecture, or from a plain old monolithic database implementation. In this post we’ll layout a checklist for designing a Scylla cluster that incorporates both horizontal and vertical scaling.

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Ready, Set, Train! Get Trained by the Experts at Scylla Summit!

Novice and Advanced Training at Scylla Summit 2018

I’m excited to announce this year’s Pre-Scylla Summit training day will offer two levels of training, Novice and Advanced. These hands-on training sessions will be conducted by our best and brightest staff, including our lead engineers and architects — even our co-founders will be on-hand to answer any questions from users. Both tracks are filling up so please don’t delay. Register Today! Our training day is November 5. It’s your best opportunity to master Scylla while networking with your peers. When registering be sure to choose “Scylla Summit + 1 Day Training.”  A Full Brainy Day’s Schedule View the Scylla […]

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Spark Powered by Scylla – Your Questions Answered


During our recent webinar, ‘Analytics Showtime: Spark Powered by Scylla’ (now available on-demand), there were several questions that we found worthy of additional discussion.

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Kubernetes and Scylla: 10 Questions and Answers


We recently hosted the webinar, Steering the Sea Monster: Integrating Scylla with Kubernetes. We received a lot of great questions during the live webinar, so here they are along with our answers. Miss the live webinar? You can access the on-demand version here.

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12 Questions Answered on Building a Time-Series Database with KairosDB

We recently concluded testing and benchmarking Scylla with KairosDB. The settings and results of this work can be found in the blog post, KairosDB and Scylla: A Time-Series Solution for Performance and Scalability, and in our documentation. In this post, we will share the questions and poll results from our recent live webinar with Brian Hawkins, the creator of KairosDB.

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Making the Move: Migrating to Scylla


  For the past two years, we have helped users build fast, resilient, and stable applications with Scylla, an enterprise-grade database solution. During these two years, our early adopters migrated from a variety of database solutions, and while most of the migrations we successfully completed were Apache Cassandra (enterprise and open-source versions), we have seen users migrate from MongoDB, HBase, relational systems such as MySQL and Postgres, and key/value stores like Memcache and Redis. Migration strategies differ between users and systems. In general, we can divide Apache Cassandra-to-Scylla migrations into two main strategies, cold migration and hot migration. Cold Migration […]

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Faster and better: What to expect running Scylla on AWS i3 instances

AWS i3 monitoring

Amazon recently unveiled a new class of machines—the AWS i3 family. Targeted at I/O intensive applications and featuring up to 15TB of fast storage, these machines offer unprecedented power with a great balance between I/O and CPU. At a lower price than the previous i2 family, we expect the i3 family to become the default class for NoSQL workloads. This article will cover i3 instances and provide information about the status of Scylla support for the hardware. Although we don’t yet officially provide i3 AMIs, customers are already running them in production with positive results. Scylla’s native architecture takes advantage […]

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Storing and retrieving large data sets in Scylla 1.6 vs. Apache Cassandra 3.0.9

Cassandra CPU profile for ingesting 1.3TB of data

How much data can you store in a single Scylla node? A reduced node count translates to ease of operations and lower capital expenses. Using Scylla, developers and database operators can store and retrieve at least twice the amount of data in nodes compared to Apache Cassandra-based systems.

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Recommended sessions at AWS Summit San Francisco

AWS Summit San Francisco

Going to AWS Summit in San Francisco on April 18-19th? So are we! We will be attending sessions and sponsoring in The Hub, and wanted to share these must-attend sessions to help you get the most out of your experience.

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