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ScyllaDB Innovation Awards Honor Impressive NoSQL + Rust Low-Latency Achievements

Each year, the ScyllaDB Innovation Awards program honors teams that went above and beyond to deliver exceptional data-intensive applications. This year, we saw a record number of nominations across ScyllaDB Cloud, Enterprise, and Open Source users.

We’re thrilled to announce that the following teams and individuals were selected as ScyllaDB Innovation Award winners. We did not actively seek Rust-related nominations, but it is notable that at least half of the award recipients are using Rust along with ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, for low-latency use cases.

ShareChat: New User Award

This award recognizes teams who surpassed expectations in their first year with ScyllaDB. ShareChat was selected for their rapid and successful adoption of ScyllaDB across multiple use cases.

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Discord Persistent Storage Team: Gamechanger Award

This award recognizes teams whose innovative and strategic approach pushes the boundaries of technical achievement. Discord was selected for the ambitious migration moving their massive set of trillions of messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB—including how they designed a new storage topology for extremely low latency on GCP and the role of their existing Rust messages service, new Rust data service library, and new Rust data migrator in this project.

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Numberly: Technical Achievement Award

This award honors outstanding innovative technical projects involving ScyllaDB. Numberly was selected for designing an entire data processing application on ScyllaDB’s low-level internal sharding using Rust. They transformed “a crazy idea” into a production application with amazing strengths like idempotence as well as distributed and predictable data processing with infinite scalability. With ScyllaDB as their only backend, they managed to reduce operational costs while benefiting from core architectural paradigms like predictable data distribution and processing capacity, idempotence by leveraging deterministic data sharding, optimized data manipulation using consistent shard-aware partition keys, and virtually infinite scaling along ScyllaDB.

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Jasper Visser: Community Contributor Award

This award honors individuals who have made an outstanding open source contribution that benefits the ScyllaDB community. Jasper was selected for developing Catalytic, a “blazingly fast and safe” Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for ScyllaDB and Cassandra that provides zero-cost abstractions for querying and generating Rust structs based on the database.

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Digital Turbine: Strategic Migration Award

This award recognizes teams whose migrations push the boundaries of technical achievement.
Digital Turbine was selected for their ambitious movement from AWS to GCP, including the plug-and-play migration of several use cases from AWS DynamoDB to ScyllaDB.

Junglee Games: Speed @ Scale Award

This award honors teams who have excelled at achieving an optimal balance between speed and scale. Junglee Games was selected for their usage of ScyllaDB to achieve low latency personalized in-app messages for 30M users at the scale required to support IPL season. They were serving over 3.3 billion messages with a peak of 56,000 operations per second and over 100,000+ concurrent users – using just 5 machines with 8vcpu and 32GB of memory. “With data too large for Redis and the need for very low latency, ScyllaDB is the ideal choice for our use case. It’s also very easy to maintain, which means we can focus on delivering the best possible experience for our users.”

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