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ScyllaDB Summit Day 2: Continuing the High-Performance NoSQL Conversation

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 is a wrap! Day 2 took us deeper into Day 1’s announcements, with a closer look at ScyllaDB Severless as well as the engineering perspective on topics like state-of-the art compaction, shard-aware Rust and Go drivers, and query rate limiting. Attendees ate up best practices for drilling down into database performance issues and finding the “sweet spot” for consistent latencies and bounded concurrency. And the user perspectives were, well, epic – across Epic Games, ShareChat, iFood, Optimizely, Tencent Games, and Security Scorecard.

So what now? There are a number of ways to keep the high-performance NoSQL conversation going with your team and like-minded peers across the industry. Here are a few options…

(Re)Watch the NoSQL Tech Talks On Demand

All talks are now available on demand, with the accompanying slide decks. Watch anything that you missed, rewatch any you want to revisit, and share what you found interesting with your colleagues and social network.



We provided a run-down of Day 1 sessions in yesterday’s blog. Here’s a closer look at what happened Day 2:

  • A tour of ScyllaDB Serverless, details on its underlying architecture, and a roadmap for what’s next
  • How Epic Games is using ScyllaDB for global distribution of large game assets used by Unreal Cloud DDC, the asset caching system for the transformative 3D Unreal Engine behind Fortnite and much more
  • Insider tips on how to optimize ScyllaDB’s performance via observability
  • Optimizely’s strategies for how to “exploit the full linear region of ScyllaDB’s awesome concurrency”
  • How ShareChat cut database costs by over 50% with sub-millisecond latency
  • Engineering deep dives into ScyllaDB’s state-of-the-art compaction, query rate limiting, and next-generation Go and Rust drivers
  • A look at how to use ScyllaDB with Quarkus, Pulsar + Flink, and Kafka
  • How Proxima Beta uses ScyllaDB as a distributed event store that functions like a queue and is able to dispatch events to many game-play sessions simultaneously
  • How SecurityScorecard migrated to ScyllaDB from Redis + Presto + Aurora for low latency, real-time data ingestion, fault tolerance, and high scalability
  • Peter Zaitsev’s take on the database trends that are transforming your database infrastructure forever

In addition, don’t miss the dozen Instant Access talks that participants were avidly binge-watching from conference start to finish (and even overnight). They’re alongside the time-boxed sessions in the new on-demand library! 

Learn More about ScyllaDB

Whether you’re ready to get your hands on ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, serverless or want to learn more about how it might work for your use case, here are a few different options:

  • Try ScyllaDB Serverless: Start building with the ScyllaDB Serverless free trial. Take a look at this docs page and feel free to experiment with our IoT tutorials.
  • Getting Started Workshop: Ready to try out ScyllaDB and want to make sure you’re “doing it right?” We’ll help you get up and running, fast – in just an hour with our architects.
  • ScyllaDB University LIVE: Help your team get the most out of ScyllaDB. We’ll be leading live training with two tracks: one that’s a ScyllaDB jumpstart and another that offers advanced strategies on data modeling, Kubernetes, and working with ScyllaDB drivers.
  • NoSQL at Scale: Proven Practices & Pitfalls: Discover what’s most important for achieving low latency at extreme scale. Our architects walk you through the strategies and pitfalls learned by working on thousands of real-world distributed database projects, many reaching 1M OPS with single-digit MS latencies.


Browse ScyllaDB Intro Resources 


Database Discourse: A Peek Into the Speakers Lounge

Meanwhile in the Speakers Lounge, Peter Corless kept the conversation going, gathering like-minded speakers to chat on trending topics related to their talks.

Stay tuned for video highlights in follow-up blogs. Until then, here are a couple screen grabs that give you a taste of the lounge zeitgeist…


ScyllaDB Summit by the Tweet

In addition to the Speakers Lounge…and the ScyllaDB Lounge…and all the session chatting…there were many great comments and conversations occurring on social media, particularly Twitter. Here’s a selection of crowd favorites:

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