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What’s New at ScyllaDB University – June 2021

Hands-on Labs for ScyllaDB in Your Browser

ScyllaDB University now includes interactive labs that allow trainees to have an immediate hands-on experience with our products without requiring a local installation or setup. The labs use Katacoda to run a virtual terminal in your browser without the need to configure anything. They are embedded into the relevant ScyllaDB University lessons, which makes them even more engaging.

Check out one of the labs below and try it yourself!

Currently, we have the following labs available:

  • Quick Wins Lab: In this lab, you will see how to quickly start ScyllaDB by running a single instance. You will then see how to run the CQL Shell and perform some basic CQL operations such as creating a table, inserting data, and reading it.
  • High Availability Lab: This lab demonstrates, using a hands-on example, how Availability works in ScyllaDB. You’ll try setting the Replication Factor and Consistency Levels in a three-node cluster and you’ll see how they affect read and write operations when all of the nodes in the cluster are up, and also when some of them are unavailable.
  • Basic Data Modeling Lab: Data modeling is the process of identifying the entities in our domain, the relationships between these entities, and how they will be stored in the database. In this lab, you’ll learn some important terms such as Keyspace, Table, Column, Row, Primary Key, Partition Key, Compound Key, and Clustering Key. You’ll run different CQL queries to understand those terms better and get some hands-on experience with a live cluster.


ScyllaDB University LIVE – Summer School (July 28th & 29th)

Following the success of our first ScyllaDB University Live in April, we’re hosting another event in July! This time we’ll conduct these informative live sessions in two different time zones to better support our global community of users. July 28th training is scheduled for a time convenient in Europe and Asia, while July 29th will be the same sessions but better scheduled for users in North and South America.

A reminder, the ScyllaDB University LIVE Summer School is a FREE, half-day, instructor-led training event, with training sessions from our top engineers and architects. It will include sessions that cover the basics and how to get started with ScyllaDB, as well as more advanced topics and new features. Following the sessions, we will host a roundtable discussion where you’ll have the opportunity to talk with ScyllaDB experts and network with other users.

We learned a lot from running our first ScyllaDB University LIVE in April. This time we’re going to split the tutorial tracks based on level of expertise, so our Summer School tracks are divided between ScyllaDB Essentials and Advanced topics.


  • Getting Started with ScyllaDB: From installation and configuration to queries and basic data modeling
  • Advanced Data Modeling: ScyllaDB shard-aware drivers, Materialized Views & Secondary Indexes, Lightweight Transactions, tips and best practices
  • How to Create an App on ScyllaDB: Getting the most out of your client


  • Working with Kafka and ScyllaDB: How to use the Kafka ScyllaDB Connectors, both sink (consumer) and source (producer)
  • Working with Spark and ScyllaDB: Learn how to migrate and stream data into ScyllaDB, or export data from ScyllaDB for your analytics jobs
  • Improving Your Applications Using ScyllaDB Monitoring: Learn common pitfalls, prepared statements, batching, retries, and more

Stay tuned for more updates and details about this upcoming event!


About Guy Shtub

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