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Voice of Experience: IBM Cloud’s Compose for JanusGraph Uncovers Advantages of ScyllaDB

IBM had previously used only Apache Cassandra and HBase as storage back-ends for the graph databases it makes available on IBM Cloud. Having heard about the advantages of ScyllaDB, IBM’s Open Tech and Performance teams conducted a series of tests to compare ScyllaDB with HBase and Apache Cassandra.

The IBM team learned quite a lot from their performance tests. In their first test, which generated a load of 40,000,000 vertices with two properties, ScyllaDB displayed nearly 35% higher throughput than HBase and almost 3X Cassandra’s throughput. In their second test, which consisted of randomly picking 30,000,000 pairs of vertices and entering 30,000,000 edges into it with one property, ScyllaDB’s throughput was 160% better than HBase and more than 4X that of Cassandra.

In addition to its performance advantages, ScyllaDB was also the easiest database to cluster, especially when adding multiple nodes to a cluster. The IBM Compose team was very pleased to see ScyllaDB’s self-tuning capabilities, load balancing, and its ability to fully utilize the available system resources.

Hear what IBM’s teams have to say about their experiences with ScyllaDB in this video.


Next Steps

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