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Voice of Experience: Samsung SDS Chooses ScyllaDB


Samsung SDS is a global IT services and solutions company with 57 offices spread across 31 countries. They are tasked with implementing highly performant and scalable systems for a number of Samsung businesses. However, they were experiencing a number of issues at the database layer. For example, their relational database couldn’t meet the performance requirements of several business use cases. As a result, they decided to conduct an in-depth technical evaluation of NoSQL databases.

Samsung SDS was looking for a database with high throughput, scalability, low latency, ease of deployment and maintenance, and reduced operational costs. They decided to compare ScyllaDB against Apache Cassandra. In the proof-of-concept, ScyllaDB delivered 3X better throughput and latency than Cassandra. The team also noted price and ease of maintenance as key factors when deciding on ScyllaDB.

“Its excellent performance means we can save lots of money adopting ScyllaDB over other NoSQL databases.” – Kuyul Noh, Principal Data Architect, Samsung SDS

Hear from Samsung SDS about their experiences with ScyllaDB in the video below.

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