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Troubleshooting Large Rows and Large Cells in Scylla

Large rows and large cells can lead to performance degradation, so we added system tables to detect and troubleshoot these in your Scylla database.

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How Scylla Scaled to One Billion Rows a Second

Scylla is a highly scalable, highly performant NoSQL database. But just how fast can fast get? And what happens when you run it on a bare metal cloud like Packet? We set out to design a test that would showcase the combined abilities of Scylla as a database and Packet’s fastest instances.

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Global or Local Secondary Indexes in Scylla? The Choice Is Now Yours

Local Indexes Graphic

Indexing is a useful tool that provides more types of queries on your tables. In principle, columns we wish to be queryable should be declared when the table is created, as part of a table’s primary key. Secondary Indexing is a neat way of making other columns queryable, but it comes with a cost of additional storage space and processing power to maintain the secondary index data coherent with the primary index information.

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AWS new I3en Meganode – Bigger Nodes for Bigger Data

AWS new I3en Meganode - Bigger Nodes for Bigger Data

The I3en family is a class of instances clearly targeted at storage-intensive workloads, but CPUs are still needed to process that data. The largest of the I3en, i3en.24xlarge, ships with 48 cores of the Xeon Platinum 8175M, clocking at 2.50GHz.

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The New CQL Optimization Dashboard in Scylla Monitoring Stack 2.2

New CQL Optimization Dashboard

If you are a Scylla user, you must be familiar by now with Scylla Monitoring Stack (downloadable for free from Github) which is the recommended way to monitor Scylla. We just released Scylla Monitoring Stack version 2.2. There are a few configuration simplifications you should be aware of and there is an exciting new dashboard for CQL optimization we hope you’ll find useful. CQL Optimization Dashboard The new CQL Optimization Dashboard is a tool to help identify potential issues with queries, data model and driver. The concept of the dashboard was introduced in Scylla Summit 2018. If you missed it, […]

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Best Practices for Scylla Applications

Scylla Best Practices

So you heard about Scylla and its superior performance. Maybe you have experience with Apache Cassandra, and are wondering what parts of that experience will you reuse and what you may have to learn anew. Or maybe you’re coming from a totally different background and want to know how to make Scylla fit best into your application environment. In this article we will cover in detail ten basic principles that help users succeed with Scylla. Some of them are also applicable to Apache Cassandra, and some stand in contrast to Cassandra recommendations. Free your mind, and read on! 1. Monitor […]

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Performance Improvements in Scylla 2.3

Scylla 2.3 was just recently released, and you can read more about that here. Aside from the many interesting feature developments like improved support for materialized views and hardware enablement like native support for AWS i3.metal baremetal instance, Scylla 2.3 also delivers even more performance improvements on top of our already industry-leading performance. Most of the performance improvements center around three pillars: Improved CPU scheduling, with more work being tagged and isolated The result of a diligent search for latency-inducing events, known as reactor stalls, particularly in the Scylla cache and in the process of writing SSTables A new, redesigned […]

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Scylla Summit Preview: Scylla Got Slow! Using Tools, Talent and Tracing to Find Out Why

Scylla Summit 2018: Scylla got slow! Using Tools, Talent, and Tracting to Bring it up to Speed [banner graphic]

In the run-up to Scylla Summit 2018, we’ll be featuring our speakers and providing sneak peeks at their presentations. The second interview in this series is with ScyllaDB’s own Vlad Zolotarov. Vladislav “Vlad” Zolotarov is one of our experts at getting the most out of Scylla, having written articles in the past about CQL tracing, tracing slow queries, securing your cluster, and using Hinted Handoffs. He will speak at the Scylla Summit in a talk entitled Scylla Got Slow! Using Tools, Talent, and Tracing to Find Out Why. He took the time to give a sneak peek into his upcoming […]

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Enhancements to Scylla’s Filtering Implementation

In this post we discuss the enhanced filtering support coming in Scylla 2.4 and compare it to the recommended alternatives and their performance.

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Improvements to Scylla Streaming Performance

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how Scylla streaming works in detail and how Scylla 2.4’s new streaming improves streaming bandwidth by 240% and reduces the time it takes to perform a “rebuild” operation by 70%.

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