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Virtual Conference | February 9-10


Virtual Conference


February 9-10


Calling all ScyllaDB Users and Distributed Database Experts

Join thousands of your peers at ScyllaDB Summit. It’s free. It’s collaborative. It’s an immersion into how to eliminate tradeoffs between scale, resiliency, low latency, and cost efficiency.

Why Attend Scylla Summit 2022

ScyllaDB Summit 2022 focuses on how market disruptors are powering the data-intensive applications for this next tech cycle using ScyllaDB — along with the latest hardware advancements, cloud infrastructure, event streaming, and other data ecosystem elements.

Whether you want to discover the latest ScyllaDB advancements, hear how your peers are solving their toughest data-intensive application challenges, or explore the latest trends across the broader data ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

Get inspired by your peers

Learn about mission-critical ScyllaDB deployments from the ScyllaDB community. Users will share Cybersecurity, AdTech, FinTech, AI, IoT and many more real-time use cases.

Thrive in this next tech cycle

The world is undergoing a massive shift to cloud-native, blink-of-an-eye response, petabyte-scale application. Learn what’s critical for driving change and staying ahead.

Evolve your data ecosystem

Learn best practices for optimizing your data ecosystem: Kafka, Spark, AI/ML pipelines, JanusGraph, Elastic, and more.

See what's new with ScyllaDB

Explore the latest features, hear what’s next on our roadmap, and learn proven ScyllaDB success strategies.

Show Off Your ScyllaDB Success

Illustration Sea Monster with Scylla Innovation Awards Trophy

Get your team’s amazing achievements the recognition they deserve — enter to win a ScyllaDB Innovation Award. There are 10 categories that honor technical achievements, business impact, community contributions, and more. Winners receive an award and a special ScyllaDB swag pack — plus recognition in a ScyllaDB Summit keynote, blog, press release, and social media posts.

The submission deadline is January 7, 2022.

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Featured Speakers

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Wednesday, February 9

8:00am PT - 2:00pm PT

Thursday, February 10

8:00am PT - 2:00pm PT

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