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NoSQL Takeaways, Tweets & TODOs from ScyllaDB Summit Day 2

If you’ve been joining us online for ScyllaDB Summit, you’re likely exhausted by now! The depth of insights across the tech talks, the lounge conversations, and the Q + A was impressive – and hopefully sparked some ideas you can take back to your teams and projects. 

So what now? To start, you can re-watch, catch up on, and share the sessions at your convenience. We’re excited to announce that all the on-demand recordings and speaker slide decks are already available



Day 2 at a Glance: K8s, Raft, PB-Scale Benchmarks, Event Streaming, and More

Here’s a quick recap to help you remember everything that occurred Day 2 – or perhaps to prioritize your binge watching in case you missed it.

  • Miles Ward and Jenn Viau (SADA) demonstrated how you can run ScyllaDB on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure simultaneously using Anthos…and memes!
  • Maciej Zimnoch and Tomas Nozicka (ScyllaDB) teamed up to share the latest performance features on ScyllaDB Operator for Kubernetes, as well as new security, stability, and user experience updates.
  • Bryan Cantrill (Oxide Computer) reviewed 1 year, 3 year, and 6 year technology predictions that he and his former fellow Sun Microsystems colleagues made over the past 20 years and shared his insights on what it all means for the present.
  • Kostja Osipov (ScyllaDB) introduced how ScyllaDB’s Raft implementation now enables consistency in schema changes. Tomasz Grabiec (ScyllaDB) followed this up with an inside look at ScyllaDB’s Raft design, covered its impact on elasticity, automatic transaction failover, and then outlined the journey to immediate consistency.
  • Will LaForest (Confluent) shared his take on why ScyllaDB is a good fit for people using Apache Kafka in event-driven architectures, then described a specific example usage of ScyllaDB + JanusGraph + Kafka in a high-velocity data-sharing effort.


  • Benny Halevy (ScyllaDB) revealed how we benchmark ScyllaDB at the petabyte level and provided tips on how you can achieve smooth and predictable performance at such monstrous scale.
  • Hili Shtein (Amdocs) outlined how Amdocs optimizes complex data and AI pipelines for modern telecoms, including diagnostics and predictive analytics.
  • Tzach Livyatan (ScyllaDB) provided a tour of how ScyllaDB Cloud supports a seamless application development lifecycle, from MVP to global scale.
  • Tim Spann (Streamnative) introduced us to the world of Apache Pulsar and how to build real-time messaging and streaming applications with a variety of OSS libraries, schemas, languages, frameworks, and tools against ScyllaDB.
  • Pavel Emelyanov (ScyllaDB) explained how ScyllaDB determines how server storage I/O will behave under load and how we use that elaborate model (as well as a scheduling algorithm developed for the open-source Seastar framework) to keep the disk load perfectly balanced.
  • Denis Rystov (Redpanda) outlined (literally!) how the Redpanda streaming data platform utilizes modern transactional approaches and pushes the envelope further by adjusting these concepts to the streaming workload.
  • Shubham Patil and Safal Pandita (Zeotap) detailed how Zeotap satisfies technical requirements for supporting a mix of OLTP, OLAP, and real-time data ingestion with their Customer Data Platform.

Database Discourse: A Peek Into the Speakers Lounge

Meanwhile in the Speakers Lounge, Peter Corless kept the conversation going, chatting with speakers as their sessions completed.

We were planning to have Peter share his recap in this blog. However, the lounge was so lively that it kept going long after the event concluded.  Stay tuned for his inside insights in a follow up blog. Until then, here are a couple of screen grabs that give you a taste…


ScyllaDB Summit by the Tweet

In addition to the Speakers Lounge…and the ScyllaDB Lounge…and all the session chatting…there were many great comments and conversations occurring on social media, particularly Twitter. Here’s a selection of crowd favorites:

What Next?

Now it’s time to deliver on the TODO part of this blog’s title. Here are a few opportunities to learn more about the database innovations featured at ScyllaDB Summit:

Also, we encourage you to submit an abstract for P99CONF, the ScyllaDB-sponsored conference for engineers obsessed with high performance and low latency. You can find suggested topics and submission tips in the call for speakers page.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! We hope to see you at the next one.

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