Database Monsters of the World Connect!

Virtual Conference | January 12 - 14, 2021

It’s free. It’s online. It’s full of great content.

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Tell Your NoSQL Story
Be an Online Presenter for Scylla Summit 2021

Why Attend Scylla Summit 2021

Connect with big data application developers and users from start-ups, leading enterprises around the globe for two half-days of sharing ideas, hearing innovative use cases and getting practical advice from your peers and NoSQL gurus.


Connect to get inspired

Learn about business-critical Scylla deployments. Hear about AI, IOT, graph, customer 360 and many more big data use cases.


Connect to evolve your NoSQL ecosystem

Get best practices for event-driven and streaming architectures, like Spark, Kafka and Elastic.

Connect to become a hero

Bring Scylla back to your organization and reduce your server footprint, eliminate wasted DevOps hours and bring down P99 latencies.

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Tell Your Story

Be an Online Presenter for Scylla Summit 2021.

Share your journey to Scylla and NoSQL. Are you a developer, architect, designer, or product manager leveraging the close-to-the-hardware design of Scylla or Seastar? Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or innovator faced with navigating the impact of NoSQL databases on your organization? Our users would love to hear from you.

The deadline for submissions is November 6th, 2020.

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Highlights from Last Scylla Summit

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2021 Agenda

More details to come. All times Pacific.

January 12






User Lightening talks


Scylla Engineering Lightning Talks

January 13


Scylla Roadmap




User Lightning Talks


Scylla Engineering Lightning Talks

January 14


Live Training Sessions

Get Trained

Live training sessions to boost your Scylla proficiency

Novice and Advanced tracks will include topics such as:

• Installing Scylla on various environments including AWS, GCE and Kubernetes-based systems

• Auto-tuning Scylla to maximize performance, including which metrics you should care about when using Scylla, and which knobs to turn to maximize system performance.

• How to plug Scylla into the big data ecosystem and streaming ecosystem with Spar, Presto, Kuberetes, KairosDB, JanusGraph and ElasticSearch

• Developer sessions covering best practices for data modeling and access patterns

• Interactive sessions where you’ll have a chance to put the theory into practice

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